Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Down Under

Hey there! Yes, we are finally down under. After a 26 hour journey. Yes, 26 hour, AbandonSilence is pleased to say that we are posting from the opposite side of the world.

We apologise for the dullness of this post, and promise to return with more music for your loyal ears. For now, here's the genius Solid State from Emalkay. This track came to our attention whilst watching Caspa at Chibuku, the thumping bass is fantastic and forces the track along. Give it a go while preparing for further, more plentiful posts in the week.

Much Love, AbandonSilence

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Friday, 26 March 2010


So, today AbandonSilence says it's teary farewell to Liverpool. Now it's a few nights in London before an epic 27 hour plane journey to New Zealand! We aim to carry on posting, though time constraints and internet connections may affect these plans.

Hope you all have a good Easter, and any one in the London vicinity, we encourage you wholeheartedly to attend this night. The night will include the debut of Jamie Vex'd's new Kuedo productions, as well as performances by Slugabed, Stagga, SDUK and Bullion. Get down there!

If you can, please go down, should be a great night. Check it out on Facebook here

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Rusko v Youtube.

AbandonSilence and friends often joke about how Rusko has lost it. Mentally that is, though I do hear grumblings that he is losing his touch on the music front. With the use of three videos, AbandonSilence will prove to you A) he has lost it mentally B) he hasn't lost it musically AND C) You should never under rate him, especially live.

Firstly, we have the EXCLUSIVE! new Rusko single. Acting as the main pre-cursor to Rusko's forthcoming OMG LP, this track, titled 'Hold On', is quite different to what AbandonSilence had expected. We would'nt've been surprised to hear electro, we would've expected dubstep, but instead we have distinctly wobble free, beat free UKG vibes.
This track is going to be huge! Despite the non-existent response to Woo Boost, AbandonSilence predicts that this could be a crossover hit, and we think it will make the Top 40. ON A BOLD TING.
AbandonSilence couldn't track down an mp3 for this, but we will produce one as soon as we can, that's a promise!

Here we have the promo video for Woo Boost. AbandonSilence likes to see ourselves as a forward thinking blog, so we won't post the now ancient mp3, go buy it if you're incapable of finding one. In the video, loosely inspired by MIA, but on a rather shit level, we see Rusko draped in a Union Jack messing around with Green Screen. No doubting the tune, but the video. Eeer.

Finally... just as the haters sharpen their knives as the LP looms, AbandonSilence wants to take you back to Rusko's strongest attribute. His liveshow. No one can doubt that he is a brilliant live DJ, showcasing great crowd skills, fantastic set lists and great exclusives. This video comes from the same guy as the 'Dubstep in HD', featuring the classic Rusko drop of Blinded by the Lights into Badman Sound. Check it and scream!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Fortnightly Mix 04

Yes, it's that time again, AbandonSilence this fortnight will be bringing you a new and unrivalled option- that is, the option to hear the stream the mix direct from this post! You may recognise the SoundCloud box from the previous Skream post, and we are very proud to announce that most, if not all, tracks we release from now on will be given this treatment.

So, to the mix. Following on from the last mix was hard, given just how hard we came in with that, here we have tried to up our game with some killer mixes and heeeavy tracks.

Coming in with a glitchy remix of Kid Cudi and Snoop's collaboration, we've tried to drop it in at the deep end. We followed that up a delightfully fun 12th Planet remix, and then let you all hear the FlyLo remix of KanYe West's Love Lockdown, available for download here. After that we went straight down into the filth with 16Bit's hard remix of Plan B's She Said.

We had a tall task attempting to follow that up, so after hefty debate we settled upon 6Blocc's Weed Dub, a deliciously bassy track that will be featuring in our up coming 'Weedstep' compilation mix. To finish you all off we gave you Joker's forthcoming release, Tron, and finished with the amazing Doctor P remix of 12th Planet's Reasons (similarities to his other tracks have been duly noted, but it's still awesome)

For those of you who are new to SoundCloud, to download the mix click the little 'arrow' thing to the right of the box. The tracklisting will appear if you download it or if you go here

Also,if you sign up for a FREE account, you can comment on particular points in the mix. This is a quite awesome part of SoundCloud, we think you should all get an account and do it on this mix.

Andy at AbandonSilence

New Skream feat. Newham Generals

Fresh from their Breakage collab, Newham Generals are working with Skream for a track, I Can't Wait, that will be on the producer's forthcoming LP, Think Outside the Box.

Below is a preview embedded from Skream's Souncloud, and it sounds huge. The great sampled hook sounds fantastic when supplemented by the bass punches and the great rap.
This is really stoking up interest in the LP, AbandonSilence has big hopes for this one.

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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

FlyLo vs KanYe!

After the beautifully executed 'I Feel Like Dying' Lil Wayne remix, Flying Lotus comes in with a remix of Kanye's Love Lockdown.

The original is one of the most forward thinking, evolutionary and yet simplistic popular tracks of our times. The simple beat supplemented by auto-tuned (back when it was cool) vocals.

FlyLo's remix creates an even more serene atmosphere for the track, with some brilliantly light percussion flowing alongside the stripped back vocals (is that possible with Auto Tune?)

This track is excellent, and stands toe to toe with the Lil Wayne remix, with a new LP forthcoming, Flying Lotus is in for a huge 2010.

(Yes, that's AbandonSilence with Flying Lotus. Last year at Detonate in Nottingham)

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Monday, 22 March 2010

Plan B vs 16Bit

After another lengthy lay off from Posting, AbandonSilence hopes to bring you some speedy messages over the next week or so. So, let's get to it!

Firstly, 16Bit come in with a huge remix of Plan B's latest single, She Said. The original is in the same jazz crooning styles that are to be employed on forthcoming concept album, The Defamation of Stricland Banks. This remix is heavy. I mean heavy. The incandescent introduction is a rather eponomous precursor to what follows, as the listener is plunged headfirst into some underworld where everyone's ears are sprayed with petrol and matches are common place. It doesn't get much harder than this.

The only respite offered is through the miniscule breaks where Plan B's rap breaks through like a sun through hellish stormclouds. This track is huge, I recommend that you all check this out.

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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Let's Celebrate!

Apologies for the lack of posts, AbandonSilence has been horribly tied down by a presentation on Crime Statistics... niiiice.

To celebrate the end of this monotonously depressing week (apart from last night :), AbandonSilence gives you a diverse trio of tunes to supplement your weekend and beyond.

Fans of Major Lazer will love this. The tribal feel with stabbing Summery synths make a compelling producer. Coming fresh from 16 year old JSaxton. The Leeds based producer is seriously making waves at the minute, the diversity in his productions is unbelievable, AbandonSilence recommends you check more of his stuff out if you enjoy this.

In a return to a previous post on Reggae styles within Dubstep, I give you an old Chasing Shadows' remix of Damien Marley track, It was Written. The track starts rather inconspicuously, then out of no where you are almost punched in the face by the bass! I apologise for the horrible rhyme and chav styles of the last sentence, but I couldn't think of a better way to describe it.

Starkey, one of the most prolific producers in the game, recently released Stars, featuring Anneka. The original is a subtly beautiful song, with chiming vocals lavishly comforted by a nice drum build up. However, Slugabed have come in with a remix, which despite not hugely messing with the song, adds some dynamite drums and extra wobbles to create a great club bouncer.

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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Chibuku 10th Birthday. A Review

Saturday night was quite simply fantastic. To cap it all off I bumped into Caspa and Rod Azlan (above) while watching Futurebound, I must say they are two proper sound fellas.

In a special preview, I will share my review of Saturday night as I have written it for the magazine. I'm sorry for the impersonal nature of the piece, I sincerely hope you enjoy it. PLEASE give feedback on this one, it's my first article for the magazine so it needs to be as near perfect as possible. Here you go... (I promise the mp3s will return by Wednesday. Be patient, enjoy the article, you're getting a world exclusive on this one haha)

Chibuku 10th Birthday – 13th March 2010-03-16

As I cast an eye over our fair city’s recent cultural regeneration, I found that Liverpool’s progression as a hub for Electronic music has been proportionally aligned with the growing success and popularity of the club night Chibuku. As the club night reaches its Tenth birthday, Chibuku gathered a lot of old friends, and some new ones, to have one massive party. The organisers created a very impressive line up, one that would’ve confused the unknowing, but would’ve captivated those in the know.

The line up effectively documented Chibuku’s progression from electro and house raves to the now familiar sub bass leanings of the dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass genres. The 3000 attendees had one hell of a choice in scheduling where their nights would take them, with all three rooms crammed with colossal DJ talent and some huge names.

Chibuku nights are usually played out at the familiar Masque, formerly the Barfly. However, for this special occasion they upped sticks and headed the short distance to Nation. In the early 90s Nation was home to the UK’s dance music scene as home of the infamous Cream club night. As the early 90’s ‘rave’ scene began its descent into a bottomless pit of drug fuelled recklessness and self inflicted implosion, so too did Cream fall. Continuous police raids lead to a plummeting reputation which forced Cream’s demise into ‘Superstar DJ’ no man’s land. In the ‘Naughties’ (whoever thought of that... why?) Nation has undergone its own regression. It is now Liverpool’s foremost contractor of high capacity nights in Liverpool, from Indie nights such as the SoundCity, pop tours such as Calvin Harris and of course the debauchery of nights such as Chibuku. Nation is once again coming back in to its own - in this new decade recycled popular music and artists, Nation stands tall as a venue for all and is surely one of the best hosts of memorable night that Britain contains.

Despite all the British tradition and pedigree installed in the venue, there was a distinctly foreign look to the line up for the Courtyard and Main Room’s (incidentally taking up nearly 4/5s of the venue’s floor space)

The organisers decided to fill the Main Room with six hours from high end electro from the very French super group Club 75. Supposedly created in Paris 5 years ago, Club 75 is made up of DJ Medhi, (one half of) Justice, Cassius and Busy P. Their set was a journey into the unexpected; the concept of four DJs playing back 2 back paid off fantastically, with a sense of one-upmanship leading to a great set.

Over in The Courtyard, one of America’s foremost minimal purveyors, Claude Von Stroke, played to a jubilant crowd. His strictly minimal set was a fresh change from the unpredictable nature of Club 75; the American producer came in hard with tracks such as Monster Island and Who’s Afraid of Detroit, plunging the crowd into wild hysteria.
With Von Stroke being joined in The Courtyard by Dutchman Joris Voorn and the Swede Adam Beyer, you began to wonder whether this celebration of a very British club night was descending into a continental affair.

However, in the lowly Annexe, fitting a mere 700 happy people very snugly, the Brits were coming! This room was colloquially titled as ‘The Dubstep and Drum n Bass’ room. Despite its comparatively small capacity, the most forward thinking and diverse music was being held in there.

The Annexe was begun in earnest by Mix Master Mike. The DJ extraordinaire has been The Beastie Boys’ resident DJ since co-producing their seminal album Hello Nasty in 1998. Anyone who has had the pleasure of watching DJ Shadow’s fantastic ‘On Tune and On Time’ DVD would have recognised the live video feed showing what Mix Master was up to – despite not being an original idea, it was most certainly effective. His attempts at MC’ing along to his music, however, were rather disastrous. “Hello England!” does not constitute a heartfelt and personal introduction.

Caspa, accompanied by the brilliantly enigmatic Rod Azlan on MC duties, followed Mix Master Mike. The increasingly sweaty, smelly and skanky crowd were treated to cuts from Caspa’s sole LP, Everybody’s Talking, No one Listening, as well as familiar dubstep anthems from Doctor P, Bassline Smith and Joy Orbison. Caspa only played for an hour, but in that short time he laid foundations for a heavy night of debauchery and basslines in the miniscule Annexe.

As we toured the large Nation venue, we asked around attendees as to whom they were there to attend. Truthfully, I would estimate that around 75% of the people we asked said they were there to see Chase & Status. The news that they would not be fulfilling their headline slot due to a mysterious ‘car crash’ would not have gone well with the hordes of fans that flooded the Annexe with the anticipation of greeting their heroes. To be honest, I’ve seen Chase and Status at nights across the country, and they really weren’t missing out. The dubstep-d’n’b duo have toured the country for many years now and with their forthcoming second LP seem destined for the shit heap of mainstream electro-rock-d’n’b that Pendulum have been consigned to since releasing In Silico.

Big respect must be given to Futurebound for extending his set a further hour to fill Chase & Status’ absence. His forward thinking drum and bass antics were more than enough to replace what the crowd were missing out on.

After two hours of very loud crashing high hats and cymbals, it was down to Dubstep co-founder Skream to conclude the night in style. His two hour set was an amalgamation showcasing all of his influences; Jungle, DnB, dubstep, Hip Hop, whatever you wanted, you would find here. Particular mention must go to his remix of Donaeo’s Riot Music which he started his set with. Quite simply, tune. Despite the fact that the crowd was witnessing by far the highlight of the night, I must be condescending in condemning the large numbers that fled during Skream’s set, seemingly frightened by the prospect of the rapidly approaching daylight. I must say that those people missed out on the best set of the night. Skream played until well after 6am, finishing with new album highlight Listening To The Records On My Wall to finally bring the house down on an absolutely fantastic and brilliant evening, night and early morning.

With their tenth birthday Chibuku have out mastered themselves - Bido Lito! thoroughly encourages them to continue to grow and succeed in Liverpool for the next decade and beyond. However, next time guys, don’t dump all good stuff in the smallest room, ok?

Andrew Hill

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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Go 'ead!

Skream, Caspa, Mix Master Mike, Chase and Status (well, maybe it'll be good) = one helluva line up

This is tonight's plan. Whether AbandonSilence will ever post again after all this bass, only the next 8 hours will tell :s

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Friday, 12 March 2010

Give me Some Signal!

Dub Police, the label founded by (amongst others) Caspa and Rusko, released a Scion Sampler compilation of artists at their label. The track listing is very impressive, including tracks from Emalkay, The Others, Orien and Trolley Snatcha.

The compilation is great carrion call for the label with some fantastic tracks, in particular cuts from Emalkay, Caspa and the laid back rhythms of Dubwoofa.

Dubwoofa's take on the now in demand 2step/dubstep style is intriguing, with stuttering drum loops being sprayed lavishly with sharp vocals and rises. Have this on the house, while you track down the compilation to buy from the usual suspects.

AbandonSilence apologises for the lack of posts recently, we've been incredibly busy. As well as writing for the magazine and spiralling Uni work, AbandonSilence is working on BIG plans, that hopefully will take AbandonSilence to the next level. More news as it is confirmed.

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010


In 2008, The Bug released their only LP to date, London Zoo. That album was a fantastic export for UK urban music, the album was packed with proper grime/dubstep anthems. From Angry to Warning, London Zoo was bursting with urban wildlife.

Guest spots from Warrior Queen and Ricky Ranking added grime credibility to proceedings, as The Bug dropped heavy bass line after heavy bass line.

The highlight of the album, Skeng, is still one of AbandonSilence's favourite dubstep songs, the bass in that is just painful. (video below)

So, the reasons for this proclamation of Bug Love. AbandonSilence has come across a new song by The Bug featuring Skeng's contributing wordsmith, Flowdan. The track, titled Run, is incredibly similar to Skeng, with some dark lyrics contributed by Flowdan over a tumbling bassline, culminating in a fantastic combination of bass wobbles and exclamations of, "Run. Run. Run." Brilliant.

Apologies for the recent Youtube love in with this post and the previous Foals post, but this is important! If any readers wanted to know what grime and dubstep combine to create, watch this video. Imagine going round a corner late at night and walking into this lot

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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

New Foals

Foals premiered their new single, Spanish Sahara, last week on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show. The track is a 7 minute slow burning epic that is a major evolution from their debut album. Yannick Philippakis' vocals carry the song through it's long drawn out crescendos and little felt climaxes. On their debut his vocals seemed systematic and shouted, on Spanish Sahara they are emotional and broken.

Mount Kimbie, fresh off the blog success of their Sketch on Glass EP, have come through with a remix. Their attempt does not make too many cuts through the original, deciding to add some extra percussion where required and altering the time sequences throughout.

This may not sound like much, but side by side analysis makes it clear that Mount Kimbie have worked on this remix, and unlike many other remixes AbandonSilence hears, you can hear that they actually like the music they are deconstructing.

Seen as the video for the single was released last night, we have decided to share that with you as well. Enjoy, watch the video, take the mp3s, join us with abated breathe for when their forthcoming album comes.

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Monday, 8 March 2010


AbandonSilence requests you read this post from 5 weeks ago, and read the last 2 paragraphs. (Click on underlined text for link)

Indeed Tinie Tempah went Number One in the UK last night.

Our first real prediction comes true.

Mystic Meg better watch out Breda!

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Reggae Styles

Dubstep = Dub - Step = Dub to Step to. Dub originates from Dub Reggae and the Dubplate phenomenon. Dubstep has retained some of the reggae genre characteristics, as well as including some artists under it's umbrella to add to the ever expanding range of styles in this one exciting genre.

When you listen (and we hope you will) to the tracks below, you may just think that they are reggae, but by religiously sticking to a 140 BPM and including some bass wobbles and general dirt, they are indeed dubstep - I ensure you there may be a more scientific definition of dubstep, but that'll do for now.

The first track comes from 6Blocc, a collective who have been on the DJ tour circuit for a few years now, they fuse dubstep and reggae in an exciting and original way. The track here is fantastic, if you don't start skanking when the drums drop at 0:40 you clearly have no soul.

The next is an absolute classic, Coki gained mainstream popularity with his collaboration with Benga titled Night, but this remains his biggest tune. The vocals recall Iration Steppas and the 90s reggae groove, but still are brought forward to the 21st Century with a deeeeep bassline. Everyone with us now, "Burnin down the alley way."

Here at AbandonSilence we've had real trouble just keeping to the rigorous Blog Rule of just 3 mp3s per post, with so many tracks begging to be included here. Just as a reminder if any of you (you should be) want any more tracks like these, just request it with a Comment below.

Anywho, the final track we have chosen is the nearest to plain dubstep as opposed to reggae out of the three downloads. Flux Pavilion have been coming out with some absolute bangers recently, and with Voscillate they took it down a few notches. However, Roksonix have hit back with this jet powered remix that it is pretty hard to not headbang to. Please enjoy!

Anyone interested by these artists, please check out Mungos Hi Fi, Warrior Queen and Doorly's remix of a Tinny track (yes, from the Cadburys advert)

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Thursday, 4 March 2010


Breakage released one of the singles of late 2009 with Hard, and now, with an LP forthcoming, they release new single Vial. The track is a sombre affair, and features Burial. Don't ask me how it 'features' Burial, all I can tell is that it's basically a copy of his disillusioned urban 2step style.

However, don't get me wrong, the track is still enjoyable, with some brilliant tambourine interludes and (very) strong bass. The trademark Burial inaudible female vocals are present, I guess maybe that could be from Burial?

Anyway, here we are giving you 2, yes 2, mp3s, one being the Caspa and The Others remix of Hard, the other is Vial.

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Gorillaz: Plastic Beach - Review

So, Gorillaz return with their third LP. After the pulsating self titled debut and the epic 'Demon Days', Damon Albarn and co really had a lot to live up to. The album was self produced and features guests from Mos Def, Lou Reed, Bobby Womack, Snoop Dogg, Gruff Rhys plus many others.

The album begins with an underwhelming orchestral piece, before dropping into the proper introduction 'Welcome to the Plastic Beach' featuring Snoop Dogg. Since he was all over 2001, Snoop hasn't really impressed us with any of his output, Drop It's Like It's Hot aside, in the last 9 years. This is the most relaxed and just plain chilled we've heard him in that time.

Out of all the guests on Plastic Beach, Bobby Womack is probably the most surprising. The elderly jazz pioneer apparently had never heard of Gorillaz, and only took the job due to pressure from his daughter.

He drags first single Stylo out of mediocrity with his inaudible vocals and is used again to full force on Cloud of Unknowing. I read that Damon Albarn just asked him to sing whatever he wanted for half an hour, then cuts were taken from that. The aura his voice creates is incredible, even though what's being said doesn't make any sense!

In a great advertisement for British rap, Bashy and Kano also feature toe to toe on the track White Flag. When you read that a song features two rappers, you expect separate verses, but these two go at it like a playful duet, swapping lines and finishing each others verses. The track's subject matter is the unoriginal idea of 'dissing' guns and violence, however the brilliantly childish accompanying music makes it a fantastic song.

The best two tracks on the album are 'Melancholy Hill' and 'Rhinstone Eyes'. These are two of the only three tracks without any guests, with just Damon Albarn at his crooning best.

Melancholy Hill is reminiscent of Yeah Yeah Yeah's Skeletons, with a light synth looped with a heartbeat-like calm drum loop carrying the song through the crescendos and verses. You can hear the emotion in Albarn's cracking voice, he really is a fantastic lead man.

Rhinestone Eyes is similar in construction, but is more upbeat. It is similar to some of the tracks on Demon Days in it's glitchy music and Albarn's auto tuned voice. The song plods along seemingly going no where before rising up in the climactic last minute and a half. It is a brilliant track.

Plastic Beach is a fantastic recording, with some great guests and fun tunes. AbandonSilence thoroughly recommends that you check it out, as a treat we will give you the first cut from the LP, Stylo.

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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Thursday Night Plans

Big news for the Liverpool heads. Me Nan Loves... and The Thursday Club have announced their plans for the next few Thursdays. After the success of October's Me Nan Loves.. nights and last week's Rusko night, both seem to be stepping it up a gear with rival nights that have brought it to the fore.

This Thursday Me Nan Loves.. has Manchester maniac Chimpo at the Magnet. Only £3 entry, we will definitely be there!

A fortnight later, the dirt returns to the Liverpool Barfly when D'n'B heavyweights Dillinja return for what is sure to be a heavy and hard hitting set. They will be pre-empted by Hatcha, whose brilliant set back in October was the highlight of the run.

Both sets will be supported by Local Dubstep Hero Rich Furness. His 2 hour set before Rusko last Thursday was excellent, he really kept the crowd going throughout the marathon wait for the big man.

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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

ID & Baobinga. 'Free' Album. Review.

In 2008 Radiohead released an LP, the fantastic In Rainbows, with a catch; you could pick the price you paid. This reaped dividends for the band, they became bigger than they ever had been and due to the publicity generated made them incredibly rich.

This trick has been repeated since by several artists, and now it has been interpreted by dubstep up-and-comers ID & Baobinga. Their 'Bass Music Sessions' LP is now available online, and you pick your price before paying via PayPal. Easy as!

The music itself has the feel of a Session LP, the lack of direction and system makes for an interesting mix, as each track has it's own individual agenda and properties. Tracks such as the pulsating Burial like 'Hither and Thither' and the Bassnectar styles of Raise Riddim are fantastic.

The LP's standout track is (in our humble opinion) definitely 'Hush Up Riddim'. The track uses a dubstep beat but uses West Coast synths to generate a brilliant piece of music. It is very similar to Joker's 'Untitled RSN', in the way that it certainly sounds like something you could imagine Dre coming out with. If he really is having problems creating Detox, he should ask these guys for advice.

AbandonSilence actually paid £7.99 for our copy because that's how much we usually pay for our digital LPs. You can pick your own price via the link below, and we definitely recommend that you do so.

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Monday, 1 March 2010

Enjoi: Fortnightly Mix 03

The third Fortnightly Mix is upon us, and this is one of the BEST mixes I have ever created, seriously. The mix itself was a gift made for a mate, but I surprised myself with how well it went so AbandonSilence has decided to give it to you, the lovely viewers, as this fortnight's Fortnightly Mix. (How many times can you say Fortnight in one paragraph?)

The tracklist includes a devilish Skreamix, a heavy dubstep remix of a classic Eski beat, some soothing Plastician, recent post features Killabits and Sbtrkt, before climaxing with the epic and beautiful Starkey remix of Bon Ivor's 'Woods'.

Please take this, we really are so proud of this.

AbandonSilence - Fortnightly Mix 03 - Right click, open in new tab, download from Mediafire

Tracklist - Also found under 'Lyrics' if uploaded to iTunes
Instra:Mental - No Future (Skreamix)
Wiley - Gangsters (Druley Bootleg Mix)
Chew Lips - Salt Air (Plastician remix)
Louis La Roche - Malfunction (Killabits Remix)
These New Puritans - We Want War (Sbtrkt remix)
Bon Ivor - The Woods (Starkey remix)

PS As always, if you want any of the tracks included in the mix as individual mp3s, do not hesitate to make a request in the 'Comments' section below.

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Straight to the Bank Remixes

What is a 'by the numbers' remix? Remixes that, regardless of quality, clearly have signs that a lack of care or control was taken in the creation of said track.

The first example I have is this brand new mix by Jakwob of a Kid Sister track. I am a huge follower of Jakwob, I've got my grubby little hands on every track that I can find bearing his plate. However, the predictability and consistency with which he has taken previous templates and just showered the (great) original track with it nigh on patronising. (I hasten to add that another new Jakwob remix has surfaced of the new Audio Bullys track. It is indeed a lot better than this :)

The second is probably the most obviously laxadasical effort that I have ever come across in dubstep. It is a very high profile track, indeed coming from one of dubstep's forefathers, Benga. His remix of Prodigy's Warrior's Dance to be precise. It's just so damn lazy! The same crescendo as the original with just dubstepped drum beats that lead into the same drop that features onBenga's 'Crunked Up'.

If the previous track was unreleased, ie the incredible similarities between Skream's 0800 duband Midnight Request Line, it'd be OK, but Crunked Up is a dubstep classic, and is one of Benga's best original productions. The fact that Prodigy paid Benga as an official remixer on the trackjust gives me the impression that Mr Benga, as they say, laughed all the way to the bank.

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