Wednesday, 3 February 2010

One to Watch: Tinie Tempah

Today AbandonSilence gives you the newest and best bright star rising in Urban music. Tinie Tempah may be a name familiar to many of you, and I know I am slow on the uptake. To be perfectly honest, I had the indignity of finding out him by hearing him on Sarah Cox's Radio One show. Shameful.

Despite this rather odd introduction to Tinie Tempah, I was blown away by the track on first listen, and straight away summoned the Gods of Blogosphere to get me this track. The single itself is being officially released on March 1st in the UK.

The song isn't anything that new, though the fact that this single is being primed for the mainstream is very interesting. The production sounds like Rustie, Raffertie or Joker could've created it, and the final climax sounds like a track coming from Shy FX or Friction. The mish mash of dubstep, glitch, rap, pop and grime is a hell of a lot for one song to handle, and it certainly copes.

The pounding bassline smashes in early on, the low end nearly broke my monitors when I heard it, with Zomby style skittly synths accompanying the rap. The rap isn't that great to be honest, just plain grime vocals; but when joined with this track, it is exhilarating.

AbandonSilence will make a bold claim and at least guarantee a Top 10 position for this track in the UK Charts, and would be suprised if it doesn't reach number One.

With the UK mainstream's current obsession with just (horribly) shit artists like nDubz and 3Oh3 ruining any music lover's faith in the British Public, this will make a welcome change - some actual quality in the charts for a change?!

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