Friday, 26 February 2010

Brand New MIA vs Rusko. Again!

Despite a horrible piece of misleading advertising - "make sure you get here at 10 so you don't miss out", even though Rusko wasn't playing til 2am?! - Rusko was excellent last night, playing new tracks from his forthcoming OMG LP along with a few other tasty surprises.

One of these surprises, which was a genuine one, was the playing of a BRAND NEW MIA TRACK. Rusko announced that this had never been played before last night, AbandonSilence recorded it on our communal mobile phone and it's now on YouTube...

The track is untitled, and the video isn't the best quality, but from what we can remember the track had a tribal feel and was incredibly bassy.

Sounded good to us, see for yourself here...

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  1. haha i like this track. i love how rusko says, "whatever you do don't post this on youtube" HA