Monday, 28 February 2011

Koreless 4D/ MTI forthcoming

“Remember when you first heard James Blake, Ramadanman, well remember this is where you first heard Koreless. Remember this: Koreless with a ‘K’.” This is what UK radio legend and tastemaker Gilles Peterson had to say about 19 year old Lewis Roberts, aka Koreless.

After his free giveaway Up Down Up Down featured in many a ‘Best of 2010’ list, Koreless makes his way into the new year with the release of his debut EP, to be released on the highly impressive Pictures Music.

4D itself revolves around an emotional and drained vocal sample, with some light percussion and a beautifully progressive synth and sub bass combination that glides throughout.

Koreless - 4D by Paul Ming

S-X 3000 Followers EP download

Anyone with their ears close to the sounds of the UK Grime scene will be more than familiar with S-X. Yet another teenager, the Londoner has built up a reputation as one of the UK’s foremost grime instrumentalists.

Following on from his production Woo Riddim utilised by D Double E in his eponymous track ‘Bad to the Bone’ S-X’s name has soared and to celebrate reaching 3000 followers on Twitter, he has given away a free digital LP comprised of ten tracks.

As an album, these tracks do begin to merge and appear quite similar. However, when you see them as they were intended; as three minute slices of grime intended for lyricists, you sense that the purported UK urban decline isn’t in such bad hands.

Particular mention goes to Motorway Music, with it’s skyscraping synth introduction diving headfirst into some heavy bass and some light keys that could so easily seem out of place, but just fit perfectly, much like most else that features in this giveaway.

Download : S-X : 3000 Followers Giveaway