Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from everyone at Abandon Silence!

This year, a whole host of producers have been bitten by the festive spirit and decided to give away free downloads. Luckily for you I am waiting for my Turkey, so I am here to give you all the links to get the very best of these giveaways...

Firstly we have the don of the free download, Skream. He has decided to give away a whole album of free tracks, titled 'The Freeizm Album'. Special mentions go to Lightnin VIP, Skwelcha and his remix of P Money's Left The Room, which has been destroying dancefloors throughout 2010.

Secondly we have an exclusive Footcrab VIP from Addison Groove. Footcrab was one of the singles of the year, even popping up in NME's list. The VIP adds an extra dimension to the originals addictive and energetic vibes.

We are still searching for more free giveaways, but for now the third and final of these downloads comes from Mele, who has given away recent Abandon Silence blog hit I Swear Down away for Christmas. Featuring some fantastic vocals and a 'drone' sound similar to the works of Deadboy, this one will get you shaking away your Turkey fat.

As a late addition, we have a fresh instrumental from Manchester based producer Numan. i've been following this guy for a while now, and was more than happy to hear that he had released this grime track 'Red' yesterday. It's a little different from his usual stuff, but is fantastic...

FREE DOWNLOAD: numan - red
Please enjoy, and as an extra Christmas treat we give you our (very early) prediction for our Track of 2011, courtesy of the 2010 winner, James Blake...

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Zen Death Squad Interview

After last month's contribution from Adam Armitage, Abandon Silence is proud to present a second new writer to the blog, Bear Pills. Bear is a Liverpool based DJ and producer who I believe will add an extra dimension to this blog - both in terms of output and quality.

So, here it is, Bear's interview with glitch outfit Zen Death Squad. Take it away Bear...


Zen Death Squad. Besides being one of the bad ass names I’ve ever heard, Zen Death Squad are a group of Glitch Hop/Wonky producers comin’ out of southern England. I discovered them a few months back when I first heard their remix Roger Troutman’s Superman. I decided to get in touch with them.

Abandon Silence (AS): Who is Zen Death Squad and how and when did it come in to fruition?

Zen Death Squad (ZDS): Zen Death Squad are three producers; Screenager, Halogen and Z-Whip. We all come from different musical backgrounds, but all started out in live bands, playing various instruments. We came up with the idea in the summer of 2008, after being inspired by the sound of the US West Coast Hip Hop scene that was blowing up around that time. Originally there were five of us, and it all started with a track called Awesome Patrol, which we all kind of threw at each other across the internet for a couple of months. As it developed, three of us took a more active interest and things went from there.

AS: Awesome Patrol, haha, what a title. How does the writing process go? Is there a process? What does your studio consist of?

ZDS: We use quite a lot of different stuff in the studio. A bunch of old amps, basses and guitars, a load of pedals and samplers. As for software, we use a combination of Logic, Cubase and Ableton Live.

As for writing process, there's no specific starting point. We generally just jam until we find something we like and build it up from there.

We play a lot of video games in the studio which inspire us musically. We feel our music is a cross pollination of Time Crisis and Sonic 2.

AS: Haha! Sounds like quite an organic process. If you could choose a Nintendo 64 or Xbox 360, what would it be?

ZDS: We are Megadrive till death.

AS: Haha, didn't see that one comin’! How do you guys play out? CDJs, Ableton, Serato...

ZDS: We like to keep things as live as possible. We only started playing shows this summer, so it's been a constant learning experience and we try to push things further with each set. We currently run Ableton Live with a couple of keyboards and a variety of other midi controllers. We're actually about to purchase more gear, so there'll be a bunch of new stuff integrated for the new year.

AS: Looking forward to it. What are your opinions on the student protests at the moment & the whole Con-Dem government in general?

ZDS: We all have our own views on it. It's been good to see people get motivated and organised enough to protest effectively. One thing we can all agree on is that David Cameron's face looks like it is made of runny cheese.

AS: Hahahaha! If you guys where to have cheese on toast would it be red, yellow or green cheese?

ZDS: Good question. After much consultation we have decided that no cheese is bad cheese. As long as it's cut in the shape of a triangle.

AS: Good answer. I am a cheddar and brown sauce on toast man myself.

What are your views on the electronic music scene right now? Particularly Dubstep, Wonky & Glitch Hop...

ZDS: It's a strong field right now. Everybody seems to be stepping up their game. It's great to see the sounds coming out all over the world, with everyone putting their own ideas and to a certain extent their cultural heritage into the music. There are people like Spoonbill in Australia, Eskmo in the States and Rustie over here in the UK who are creating incredible music, taking the sound in crazy new directions. The UK seems to be warming to the Glitch Hop sound and we are a excited to see what emerges from it.

AS: Spoonbill makes the craziest music! Who or what do you think played an important role in Glitch Hop in 2010 and who or what do you think everyone should keep their eye on for 2011?

ZDS: There have been so many highlights this year, to list a few: The Glitch Mob at Matter on the UK's best sound system. The proto-funk of Debruit. Guys like Flako and Comfort Fit with great records out there. Flying Lotus' Cosmogramma. Nosaj Thing at Plastic People in London was out of this world. iLL Gates also, through his music and his support for the community with his Ableton seminars.

As for next year, watch out for Virtual Boy from the States and Jai Paul from the UK.

AS: What can we expect from Zen Death Squad in 2011? Also, where the hell did the name come from?

ZDS: The name was actually suggested by a good friend and awesome dubstep producer we know.

2011 is looking pretty exciting. We're in talks to get some releases out there, both here and in the States. And after that, just a lot of shows. We just confirmed our first performance in Bristol for 2nd Feb, so are very excited to be heading to new places after a summer of festivals. Trying to line up some US shows for around March/April time, and then who knows? We'll have to see where we end up.

You can check out Zen Death Squad here:

Keep an eye out as they will be releasing a new free track for Christmas!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

NYE Line Up Announced

Thank you to everyone that came to check out the Abandon Silence Best of 2010 Lists. We got some great feedback, even a retweet from the victorious Best Album Winner Flying Lotus. Over 5000 views in 3 days was, by sadly some distance, our greatest period of traffic ever! Thanks again to you all.

I am here to give you great tidings for this coming New Years Eve... We shall be hosting our own party! Well, we will be hosting the front INK room in Chibuku's legendary NYE party, to be held in The Masque, Seel St, Liverpool.

We are bringing back one of our favourite new producers of the year, MELE, for a third time to join our usual residents Rich Furness and Horza. As well as Mele, Rich and Horza, we have two new DJs coming along, Sheppard and Jake Daniel. Both have been on my imaginary waiting list for a long time, and I am so thrilled to finally be able to find a platform for these guys to party with us.

Abandon Silence NYE at Chibuku

MELE - Grizzly
Rich Furness
Jake Daniel

Firstly, we have Mele's latest release, I Swear Down, which is a fantastic grinding piece of 130 funky that evokes strong Deadboy vibes, but retains it's individuality.

Melé - I Swear Down by Melé


And as a wee introduction to the two new guys joining us, here is a couple of mixes from the pair of them. I'm sure you'll agree that we have pulled these guys out of the top drawer to join us.

Both these mixes are available to download, just click on the arrow symbol to the right of the player...

Definition//Mix 2010 by SPD//SHEPPARD


Horsepower Productions-HDN
Scratcha DVA-Jelly roll
Cosmin Trg-Since last night
Geiom ft marita-Sugar Coated Lover
Cooly G-Dis Boy
Pangea-Bear Witness
King Midas sound&Pupajim-Frequencies
Peverelist ft. Pinch-Revival
Addison Groove-Footcrab
Scuba-Three sided shape
Headhunter-In motion
Commix-Bear Music
High Contrast-Tread softly

Promo Mixtape (03-09-10) by Jake Daniel


Lusine - Two Dots [Pezzner Remix]
Minilogue - Second (Colour & Sound)
Johannes Heil & Extrawelt - Erdbeerfeld
Robert Babicz - Come Closer [Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix]
Moonbeam - Run For Me
Marcel Dettmann - Reticle
Martyn & The Spaceape - Is This Insanity? [Ben Klock Remix]
Matt Walsh - Honey Comb [Sei A & Logan Remix]
Kevin Gorman - Shakey Stripped
Peter Van Hoesen - Terminal
Glimpse - Employable Enjoyable [Marcel Dettmann Remix]


Playing in the Theatre room in The Masque will be a selection of Chibuku's 'Residents and Friends', including James Rand, Mark Mac, Paul McGuire, Revo and Mr Paul.

Mr Paul is a Liverpool based artist who has a residency with Chibuku and fantastic underground house night Discoteca Poca. This mix is a great exponent for his DJ skills and a good indication at the kind of sounds to expect on NYE!

Bisco by mrpaul7t7


Mark E - Smiling [White Label]
6th Borough Project - The Formula (Dub Vibes)
Chaz Jankel -Glad To Know You (Todd Terje Türkatech) [Permanent Vacation]
The Revenge ft Danielle Moore - Just Be Good To Me (Ron Basejam Remix) [Needwant Recordings]
Timmy P - We Had Disco
Johnny Dynell - Jamhot (Tensnake Remix) [Needwant Recordings]
Disco Channel - Honey (The Ground Floor Chicago's Reworks) [Little House]
Kevin Irving - Children Of The Night (Disco Bloodbath) [Disco Bloodbath]
Jamie Jones - Say What? [Hot Creations]
Russ Yallop - Rock Me [Crosstown Rebels]
MSTRKRFT ft N.O.R.E - Bounce (Maya Jane Cole Remix)
Model 500 - OFI [R&S Records]

Tickets are available at -- see you all down there

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Abandon Silence Best of 2010 lists

When I approached the compilation of these two lists, I had a general idea as to what the top 5s were going to be. The problems came when decided which tracks to include and leave out, thus I extended my top 10 tracks to a top 25, though still several glaring omissions that I am finding it hard to live with.

When I started to think about creating this lists, I knew that James Blake had to be my number One. I restricted myself by deciding to include only one track per artist, and I just had to put the anthem in. CMYK is just a clarrion call for all that was good about UK music in 2010. This was the sound of an emerging artist finding his feet, but doing so miles ahead of his contemporaries. He is sure to take over 2011 with his vocal works.

Tracks -- (all are YouTube links)

1)James Blake - CMYK
2) Girl Unit - Wut
3) Mount Kimbie - Maybes
4) Foals - Spanish Sahara
5) Flying Lotus – Do the Astral Plane
6) Ramadanman – Glut
7) Kingdom – Fogs
8) Deadboy - If U Want Me

9) Skream/Instra:mental & D:Bridge - Acacia Avenue
10) White Ring - ixc999
11) Gil Scott Heron – New York is Killing Me (Jamie XX remix)
12) Balam Acab – See Birds
13) Sepalcure – The Warning

14)Jamie Woon – Night Air (Ramadanman remix)
15) Gold Panda - You

16) Datsik – Firepower (Moombahcore remix)
17) Burial - Prophecy
18) SX – Woo Riddim
19) Magnetic Man ft Katy B – Perfect Stranger (dBridge remix)
20) Pariah – Detroit Falls
21) Redlight ft Ms Dynamite – What You Talkin’ About
22) Swindle - Airmiles
23) MJ Cole & Wiley – From the Drop
24) Pangaea - Why

25) Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow

The album list could easily just be the top 2 on their own, as FlyLo and Kanye's efforts were just streets ahead of the pack this year. No other albums got near to connecting with me and I will always remember 2010 for those two LPs. Notable mentions for the fantastic Mount Kimbie record, Four Tet creating his best album to date, Foals finding maturity within their glitchy indie pop, Arcade Fire stepping up yet again and two obscure record labels, Autonomic and Night Slugs, coming to the fore of 'UK Bass music'.


1) Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma
2) Kanye West – My Dark Twisted Fantasy
3) Mount Kimbie – Crooks & Lovers
4) Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
5) Four Tet – There is Love in You
6) Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
7) Foals – Total Life Forever
8) Fabric Live 51 – Autonomic
9) Gorillaz – Plastic Beach
10) Night Slugs – Night Slugs Allstars

Please use the comments box below to vent your fury, or maybe even agree, with my decisions.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Jamie XX vs Gil Scott Heron

There isn't a lot that needs to be said about this track. It is just fantastic. The break at 2:00 is the moment where I realised that I had to order the album there and then. Jamie XX has already proven himself to be a great producer with his work with his own band, and with this passion project he is more and more proving that he is the brains behind the whole operation.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Organik: In the Mix

Tonight we will be giving you a fresh mix from one of the finest new DJs in Liverpool, Organik. Through running his superb club night Takeover, he has had support slots for Phaeleh, Submerse and loads others. This mix is an excellent exponent for his DJ sets, with an eclectic choice of tracks involved and some great mixing thrown in for good measure.

Take some time and have a listen, and find Organik at his Soundcloud

L15 Future Tense mix 04 by organik


Grown Ups - Donga & Blake (Well Rounded Records)
How U Like Dat - EL-B Vs. Laze (Night Audio)
Ur All - Modepth (dub)
Evelyn - Fantastic Mr Fox (Black Acre)
Boomslang - Lv & Okmalumkoolkat (Hyperdub)
Cervantis Riddim - C.R.S.T. (dub)
Crystalised - The XX (Dark Sky remix) (Young Turks)
Long Weekend - Fused Forces (L2S Recordings)
Bust Broke – Kingdom (Night Slugs)
Good Love –C.R.S.T. (No hats no hoods)
Finally – ital Tek (dub)
Spending All My Time – Kovu (dub)
Touched – Price (L2S Recordings)
Reasons – Dark Knight (Urban Riddims)
Chaka Mad – Gon (Infrasonics)
Never Know – Primary 1 (Submerse Remix) (dub)
Earthquake – Littleboots (Brown Noise Bootleg) (dub)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Mount Kimbie: An Interview

This is a first for Abandon Silence, our first ever outside contributed article. Whilst I struggle with balancing final year of University, plus the rigours of a club night, I have decided to welcome a few extra writers on board to keep the blog going. Our first contributor is Adam Armitage, whose mix was featured in a previous post. At the Abandon Silence gig with Mount Kimbie, Adam was lucky enough to catch a few words with the guys, and here is his article and interview from that night. I hope you enjoy it and welcome Adam into the Abandon Silence family...

Last week I had the pleasure of watching Mount Kimbie perform live for the first time in my hometown, the grim n gritty, northern city of Liverpool. I hadn't expected that i would be able to get close to them prior to the show, but as I stood eagerly waiting for the support acts to finish over a pint and some conversation in the smoking area of The Shipping Forecast. In the corner of my eye, i spotted Kai talking to a fan and i became aware of the chance to conduct an impromptu pre-show interview, right then.

Dashing around to find writing material, I hastily penned some questions that had already dawned on my mind about Mount Kimbie.

So, conducted in the drafty storage room on the top floor of the club, (props to Abandon silence for the set-up), I held down my first interview.

Both Dom and Kai are seriously easy-going, friendly to talk to and very humble about their work despite such attention they have received over the last months. We began the interview and they were more than happy to talk and discuss the questions with me, but also with one another, bouncing questions back and forth between themselves that made them appear to be very passionate about what they do and interested in engaging with their fan base.

Abandon Silence (AS) 'I believe this is your first Liverpool show, have either of you been here before and how are you feeling about the show tonight?'

Mount Kimbie (MK) Kai answers on behalf of Dom, 'He's been here before for when he was younger with his mates I think, but I've not ever been here myself but I'm quite excited for tonight, the crowds are always different wherever you go in the UK', Dom responds, 'Yeah, I've not seen the place much though, it was winter time and really cold but strangely, still all the girls were wearing little clothing'. I laughed and told them that’s just how the girls are round here whatever the weather.

AS 'So, how is the tour going so far, this is your first organized tour right? Has it been a great experience?'

MK Kai answers, 'So far, the tour has been really successful, we've been doing a lot of shows around Europe and were quite surprised how popular they've been. We did a month long tour in the US and that was well received, a lot of the fans were grateful and always thanked us at shows, just in recognition of the distance we had travelled to play for them'. I then ask,

AS 'How do the shows across the water compare to playing here in the UK?'

MK Dom added, 'I don't think it was something we really expected, but the US was very accommodating, the live shows in the UK are getting better every time, the audiences are always a lot steadier here than overseas and it's good because it can be a difficult scene to break here, as so many decent artists are getting known at the moment.'

AS 'I've read an interview where you mention that some of the acoustics were recorded in a tunnel in Brighton where the natural reverb was really heavy, I had my assumptions that it would be the grotty underpass along the beachfront, is that right?'

MK At this point there is a slight pause, I get some rather bewildering looks from the two of them, they stare at each other and try to fathom an answer, I knew it was a stupid question to ask but Dom responds,

'You know, actually it was an underpass in my hometown Saltdean that gives off this really eerie impression, The both of us and James Blake were drinking one night and were singing when we ended up walking down there and were amused with the sound and then we came back a few weeks later with guitars and took down some recordings that really worked, so we used them'.

AS 'Do you have any favorite producers coming out of the UK scene at the moment, any particular DJs perhaps?'

MK Both Dom and Kai appear to be very selective of who they choose to name drop and I'm certain they must share very similar tastes as they both agree and mention almost simultaneously that they don't currently listen to much dubstep or dance music, but they do like Deadboy, which reminded Kai of something he had forgot to do earlier, and so he rushes off to get Deadboy on the guestlist for their show as apparently he was also in town. When Kai returns, Dom mentions,

'We've both been really keen on 'Wu Lyf' at the moment, a group from Manchester that are producing really good music, we are also into some bands from Australia', Kai Nods and adds, 'We're always updated on whatever James (Blake) is doing as well, we caught up with him at his show in Poland recently, he was mixing with vinyl as opposed to his live performance shows.'

AS 'I've heard a lot about the differences between James Blakes live shows and his DJ sets, many people I've spoke to say his live performances are much more interesting'.

MK Dom answers, 'I suppose James is a lot more technically able with using software like Ableton, obviously his shows are a lot tighter when he performs this way but his DJ sets are also getting a lot cleaner'.

'James Blakes output is multi-faceted, producing music under a different moniker as well as having a background in more traditional musical approaches, maybe it is what makes his performances different each time?'

Both Dom and Kai agree to this point, Dom adds 'James is also a very emotional musician, if he's not feeling up for a live show, he won't play it, he does what he feels like and if he's happy or sad, it comes out in his choice of performance'.

AS 'You both seem very close with James Blake personally, at once he featured in your live performances, is their ever going to be a return to this, are there any collaborations in stall for the future?'

MK Kai makes a point of saying that, 'Time constraints mean it's very difficult to work together at current times, we're no longer being able to pass music back and forth to work on ideas together, and as well James is very busy with his own music and touring, especially with the promo for his new album'. Dom adds, 'It's possible in the future we may do the live thing again, there's nothing planned so far for producing a track together though, but it will definitely happen'.

AS 'So, what's next for Mount Kimbie, what can we expect in the coming months?'

MK Dom says, 'Were having a few weeks off over the new year period but then we're back touring again up until end of February and then we will start to question what's next. So far though, we haven't got plans to be releasing anything over the next few months'.

I can tell Kai is itching to get back in the club, or at least to get a drink at this point and as he fiddles around with his phone, I manage to ask one last question.

AS 'What advice do you both have for new producers or DJs trying to break into the UK bass scene currently, how did it happen for you?'

MK Kai was very certain on his answer to this question and suggested that, 'If your consciously trying to 'break into' any scene, your probably going about it the wrong way, always do your thing, keep making music and performing for people, give it time and if your getting the elements right, people will take notice, but don't push it', Dom nods, and it's clear that there is a very clear unity in mind and ideas between them both.

Maybes - Mount Kimbie by funktional

Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Future

As we near the conclusion of what has been an unforgettable year, Abandon Silence now looks to 2011 and the musical delights waiting in store for us all.

Firstly, I have two artists that have been included on the pretty awesome Night Slugs label compilation being released on the 29th November. Jacques Greene and Optimum are two artists that I have found incredibly tricky to track down, though I have just been listening to these two tracks from each producer religiously for the last few days.

Jacques Greene's track here is The Look. The track is similar to the work of Lone (below) in it's uplifting and inaudible yet prominent vocal tracks. This tune could quite easily blow up on the back of the hype that this artist will gain from the compilation, we will have to wait and see...

The second artist to be included from the Night Slugs camp is Optimum. When I said that I have found it hard to track people down, I really do mean that this guy is hard. With such a generic name, it's pretty hard to just google 'optimum' and hope for the best (and yes I did try different connotations of the search, with no luck.)

Their track here is Watchmaker, very nostalgically embedded from Myspace (the best I could do, apologies.) This track is more like the works of other Night Slugs artists Girl Unit.The track at hand, Watchmaker is futuristic, glitchy, hip hoppy greatness. It's in the same bracket as artists like Flylo, who are just so god damn hard to put into a genre. Anywho, here is said fantastic track, enjoy...

Find more artists like Optimum at Myspace Music

Our next artist/s are sharing a joint award as it's a bit unfair to give whole awards to mates - I don't want to appear biast! The artists in question are Mele and Koreless. Both are local to me, and are both ridiculously sound. Both of them have performed at Abandon Silence shows, and both are set to take major leaps forward in 2011. Mele has had a hugely productive 2010, working his way into the upper echelons of the Grizzly imprint, being tutored by the label's head honcho Sinden has surely helped as well. With the release of a new EP in January on said label, Mele will really begin to turn heads, and we can't wait to be able to give a nice big cocky, "I told you so!" His personal style of productions fit in superbly with the UK's current trending towards funky and grime, and I believe he will be very successful.

Koreless, aka Lewis Roberts, is a welshman based in Scotland. I got to know Koreless through a mutual friend and I was instantly hooked his productions. He is currently working with Pictures Music, a fantastic new label owned by the also sound Alex Clapworthy, which is another label that you should keep your eyes on. For now, enjoy the fantastic Up Down Up Down and just let his music wash over you...

Now for another North West based artist - unlike the previous two artists, Lone is not an acquaintance, so I can unrecroachably say that this guy is just fantastic. I discovered Lone by wandering through into the back room of the Warehouse Project to have a breather from DMZ's obliteration of the main room. The track to stream here is called Outlander, and is a great exponent for the other productions that I have been lucky to get my ears on - in particular, look out for Raptured. The calypso Summer vibes are the perfect pick-me-up for this time of year, please check him out...

The final artist that I am going to be discussing as a potential future star is Krystal Klear. Having recently had his first release, on Manchester based Hoya Hoya Recordings, Krystal Klear is set for a major year. He uses chopped hip hop styles and the same feel good vibes portrayed by Lone to harness his own sound. Here we have his track Let's Go Dreaming, enjoy...

Just to say, it is still November, so I am sure that I will do another feature in the style of this in January, though for now I am confident in all of my choices and I cannot wait to see each of them flourish and grow in stature as the weeks and months go by.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Abandon Silence 04

As we enter a new month, a draft of work has been lifted onto me. I find myself stuck in dissertation hell, as well as organising next year's Abandon Silence line ups. We have successfully confirmed January and February's line ups, and you will be the first to know who we have in store.

Next month we turn our attention to Abandon Silence 04, featuring Breakage, Mele, Horza and Rich Furness.

This night promises to be the biggest Abandon Silence yet, I cannot wait to host the digital soundboy himself, as well as one of the countries most prodigious producers.

As well as the DJs, we have a fantastic artwork campaign. This is by far the most ambitious promo that we have ever used. Designer Ben Thapa has yet again excelled himself, and as I am sure you can see, his designs are unreal.

To play us out, here are a few select cuts from this month's guests...

Breakage - Vial feat. Burial by spex

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Thursday Night

As you may have noticed, by looking at the fascia around this website, we have another nice event coming up this Thursday!

Abandon Silence 03 sees us heading back to The Shipping Forecast for another fantastic night of excellent tunes and great company. Joining us this time are the critically acclaimed Mount Kimbie, bringing their much anticipated LIVE show with them.

This show has had incredible ticket sales already, so anyone interested in coming down this coming Thursday, the 28th October, head to THIS LINK to by your tickets now.

To take us away, here are a lovely pair of tunes from the Kimbie boys themselves...

Maybes - Mount Kimbie by bearhug

Foals - Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix) by musicmule

Friday, 15 October 2010

Chibuku reflections...

As we roll ever nearer to Abandon Silence 03 featuring Mount Kimbie LIVE, Abandon Silence was invited very kindly to host a room at Chibuku last Saturday. We brought along Ramadanman, Horza, Kidheader and Grandav, and the rest is history. It was a hugely successful night, with our room competing avidly against the might of Hospital Records that was taking over the other 2 rooms in the building.

Abandon Silence would like to thank Lewis, Sean and Rich at Chibuku for giving us the opportunity to help with the hosting of the biggest club night in the North of England.

One of the enduring memories of the night came when Ramadanman pulled up this track, "Wut" by Girl Unit, twice. It had the crowd going wild! We cannot wait for this to be released on the great Night Slugs label in a couple of weeks time, we'll be copping it instantly. Sadly we can only give you YouTube quality for the time being, and it really doesn't do it justice, so just buy it when it comes out!

As a rumour starter, we have some plans for future Abandon Silence's that will hopefully include this incredibly talented producer...

GIRL UNIT Guest Mix for Mary Anne Hobbs on Radio 1 by GIRLUNIT

As an extra gift, here are a few photos from Saturday - taken as ever by the brilliant Robert Keith Seeley...

(if you want to see all of them, go to this link)

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Tonights Plans

Abandon Silence is incredibly proud to present.. Ramadanman at Chibuku tonight. Chibuku is arguably Liverpool's most prestigious club night, and we are so happy to have been offered the chance to work alongside these guys in the creation of a night. In the Abandon Silence room will be Ramadanman, Horza, Kidheader and Grandav. We are incredibly excited about this one, we hope you can all make it!

Ramadanman - Work Them by blackacid

Just to get your juices flowing, here is a review I wrote about the relaunch party for Chibuku on the 18th September...

Chibuku 18th Sept

Benga, Claude Von Stroke, Joker, Four Tet, Jamie XX, Brackles

The Masque, Seel St

Chibuku. To the unitiated, this just sounds like a Kenyan tribe or the mumblings of a mad man, but to the clubbers of Liverpool, it’s a calling. After a Summer hiatus, The Chibuku bandwagon rolled into town, beating away fresh competition left, right and centre to relaunch with record ticket sales and a new drive for, “fresh and new line ups.”

I have heard grumblings that Chibuku is not fresh, for they say it has the same line ups over and over again. However, if Chibuku were to stop hiring the likes of Skream, Benga, Erol Alkan et al, they would be compromising their supremacy over the Liverpool electronic music scene. These artists are the best in the world, so there really is no need to gripe.

To combat these silly grumblings, the INK bar in The Masque has become the key place for the introduction of fresh artists. Tonight saw FOUR TET, JAMIE XX and BRACKLES all making their Chibuku debuts. In the coming months, other new faces such as Joy Orbison, Ramadanman, Roska and Tensnake will be heading into the old ‘bar’ room to make their respective debuts.

This is a sign of the times as these more underground artists are being given a platform at the biggest stage of them all in Liverpool, and as tonight has shown, people will listen. Brackles opened the INK bar tonight to a huge crowd, much more than I had expected. It is a great indication of the musical tastes of Liverpool that such a little recognised but hugely talented producer can muster such a crowd.

In contrast to the fresh faces populating the INK room, the Theatre had a familiar feel to it as Chibuku veteran CLAUDE VON STROKE returned once again to the hallowed stage. Von Stroke seemed to really enjoy his set, with classics Who’s Afraid of Detroit? and Deep Throat going down incredibly well. His eclectic set was one of the highlights of the whole night, but could not match the bass heavy antics taking place in the overly crowded Loft.

Being a warm up DJ at a huge night such as Chibuku must be one of the hardest musical jobs you could think of. For one, you must avoid playing anything that would clash with one of the big names’ sets later in the night for fear of incurring their wrath. And also, quite obviously, you must play to such a standard that the crossover from ‘resident DJ’ to ‘Name DJ’ is not noticeable.

Tonight’s ‘Name DJs’ were BENGA and JOKER. Joker, seen as one of the rising stars in bass music, was over half an hour late for his set, and despite the great efforts of his MC, NOMAD, he just could not connect with the crowd. Joker played some big tunes, such as his own remix of The Gossip’s Cruel Intentions and Trolley Snatcha’s ruthlessly powerful Here We Go, but due to his own poor punctuality, Chibuku had only half an hour to get a feel of what this guy is capable of, and you could feel that just wasn’t long enough.

Following on from Joker’s brief tenure was Benga. Fresh off the success of his major label Magnetic Man works and the top 5 smash Katy on a Mission, his set had a more celebratory feel. MC YOUNGMAN gave some great additional vocals, in particular when performing his own Benga collaboration, Ho. His set ran on well past the 3am curfew, but few seemed to notice as the crowd continued to sway and bounce to the tunes being showcased inside the Loft. Benga’s set was absolutely terrific; a great exposition for the man as a producer, with a great mixture of his own tracks and a well thought out selection of other tracks from, amongst other, Skream, Flux Pavilion and Breakage.

However, the best performance of the whole night came from the previously mentioned warm up DJ, RICH FURNESS. Despite appearing to be way too far gone to even be allowed near a set of decks, his set was a cataclysm of music, taking in gabba, dubstep, house, reggae and a few things in between. Seemingly intent on causing as much havoc as possible, the endless stream of ‘pull ups’ added to the atmosphere, giving everyone a chance to relive each huge drop. The plunge in BPM from his usual 140 areas to the slower Munch Moombahcore remix of Datsik’s Firepower was a showing of perpetual DJ Skills that didn’t go overlooked, as that track received possibly the biggest cheer of the whole night.

On current evidence, Liverpool’s electronic music scene is slowly sloping over a plateau of saturation. However, on the evidence of tonight, and also with an eye on the line ups planned for Chibuku this Autumn, we are all in safe hands whilst the night with the oddest name lives on.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

James Blake: An Interview

Abandon Silence would like to wish a huge thank you to everyone that attended our show last Thursday at The Shipping Forecast in Liverpool. It was an absolutely huge success, with James Blake's headline set striking such a precedent for this Autumn that it is hard to imagine anyone beating it. Further thanks are given to our fantastic residents, Rich Furness and Horza, who once again absolutely killed The Shipping Forecast. Their opposing styles but awesome DJ skills make them residents that we are very proud to call our own. Guest KillaHurtz also deserves special mention for working through the tough test of following on from James Blake, which he handled superbly.

Luckily we were able to catch a few words with the man himself about the release of his new EP, Klavierwerke, out on R & S Records on the 10th October. It is pretty interesting to see his views on his own categorisation and the motives behind some of his decisions. We have also been able to, via FactMag, include audio of the title track of the new EP. I hope you enjoy, here is a picture of me looking very smug with James Blake, plus a few nice pictures from the evening below. To see all 129 pictures taken by the brilliant Robert Keith Seeley, click here.

So, here goes...

Abandon Silence (AS) : First and foremost, did you enjoy your Liverpool debut last Thursday? The Abandon Silence crowd seemed to really enjoy your set.

James Blake (JB) : I loved it yeah. It was nice to make my Liverpool debut and was chuffed at how open minded and nice people were, before during and after the set.

AS: We are fast approaching the release of your second EP with R&S records, titled Klavierwerke. How does this EP differ from any of your previous releases?

JB: I started to use my vocals (albeit in adulterated forms) a bit more candidly on this EP, so I feel a really strong connection with the music. Secondly, the piano samples are from the same recordings, not separated but equally bastardised and manipulated. I fell in love with the sound of the piano again on this EP, but this time in an electronic context.

AS: When you approached the creation of the Klavierwerke EP, which records/artists influenced you? Are these the same artists that influenced all of your work so far?

JB: I think the track that brought me to this new sound was 'Baves Chords' by mount kimbie, and possibly certain beatless burial tracks. I wrote Klavierwerke in a slightly different headstate, with memories of Berghain fresh in my mind.

AS: Klavierwerke is your second release with R&S records, as you help with it's remarkable re-emergence. What attracted you to work with them? Im sure there were other offers..

JB: The two EP's are so different that it takes a label like R&S, with their huge range of output, to release them consecutively without hesitation. I was excited to work with them because they've been reborn, and their reputation precedes them. Their audience base is also really diverse, which means it's reaching people that might not otherwise have heard it. I'm good friends with all the labels i've released on and I send them all my new stuff, so it's a matter of where it fits really.

AS: How did it feel to have your first full solo EP release, CMYK, given universal acclaim by critics? Had you expected it?

JB: I just wanted to make a track that brought out the euphoria i'd experienced listening to pangaea and joy orbison sets, and in doing so I made something that took on a life of it's own.. A while later it was incredibly surreal to hear it on Radio 1 and the like, but then the day i'm not suprised, humbled and delighted by people liking my music might be a very sad day.

AS: On the tracks that you have released, there has been a great variety in moods and atmospheres. Do you pick and choose your styles from production to production, or is it just natural?

JB: It sounds obvious but whatever I'm feeling at the time should be captured, or I'm doing something dishonest. Therefore the atmosphere is always changing and my music (like life) goes through phases.

AS: You appear to have been placed into the 'dubstep' genre. With such a difference between your music and the productions of other 'dubstep' artists such as, say, Borgore, how does it feel to be categorised side by side with such opposing sounds?

JB: I like to think I placed myself in the dubstep genre. When I started doing it I was listening to Mala, Coki and later Mount Kimbie, none of which are really categorised side by side with people like Borgore. I'm happy to play nights alongside people like Borgore because for me, opposing sounds make interesting nights, and make it easier for my music to have a clear shot at the runway.

AS: Finally, I ask all artists that I interview this question, which three records are you loving right now?

Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me
Tallest Man on Earth - The Wild Hunt
An unnamed dub by Blawan who released on Hessle, and who is one of my favourite new producers

Finally we would like to thank James wholeheartedly for being an excellent guest at Abandon Silence last Thursday. It was a huge success and was most certainly memorable in part for his epic set.

James Blake - Klavierwerke (128) by factmag

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Thursday Night

In one last shameful plug for the club night, here once again are the details, along with some very nice tunes from the headliner himself, James Blake.

Abandon Silence 02

Thursday 23rd September 10pm - 3am at The Shipping Forecast, Slater St, Liverpool.

James Blake

Rich Furness

£5 advanced tickets available at
£6 on the door

Please come along and show your support. I am trying to push something fresh for Liverpool and have some killer line ups planned before Xmas so get involved now!

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Monday, 13 September 2010

White Russia

Ill be honest with you, one of the oddest things to happen since creating this blog has been the endless stream of emails I receive about new bands/DJs/producers. At the start, I thought this was excellent, getting told about new artists all the time. However, after a while it gets quite grating hearing the same music over and over again in (VERY) varied quality.

I do listen to all of the emails I receive, thought to be honest most don't fit with what I'm after. However, I recently got an email about White Russia, a new band from South London who are apparently influenced by Bjork and Depeche Mode. I would not usually be interested in this style of music, but one particular track I was linked was just superb.

The Solution has a slow burning intro, with some great vocals. At around the 1:20 mark the bass and percussion kick in to create a fantastic crescendo. This track is excellent, I recommend that you check these guys out while they're fresh...

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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Pariah - Safehouses EP : A Review

I apologise for the recent lack of posts, the impact of running the club night has affected all aspects of my life, with the blog one of many things having to take a step back. However, despite the rigours of organising these nights, I have still been downloading a steady stream of new music - undeniably most of it isn't that great, with many tracks being deleted almost as soon as Ive got them on my iTunes, but still every now and then something just blows me away.

The track(s) in question come from Pariah. I have been clucking for his Safehouses EP since it was first announced back in July, and I finally copped a digital version via eMusic earlier today. The EP is just deliriously beautiful, with some hip hop, 2step and dubstep thrown into a very classy mixing pot. I have decided to ditch the usual brief review style and I will administer a thorough seeing to to each of the six tracks to be found on the EP. Partly because I cannot pick a single track that deserves special mention. (and also that I am back at Uni next week and need to get back into writing.)

So, here goes....

First track The Slump is a delicious little slice, with some great spindley percussion building towards an undoubtedly Untold influenced bass lead drop. It is really a very sparse affair for the opening, before a cascade of percussion, synths and vocals come to join in. The track is an excellent opener for the EP, setting such a quality that the other tracks fight to keep up with.

The Slump is quickly followed by Prism, which begins as your typical 130 banger. However, at around 90 seconds in, the track takes on a different form and evolves into a slow build featuring some epically peaceful chopped and looped vocals, which cascade throughout the peaceful beat, leading to a final breakdown featuring the previously mentioned 130 beats, which are suddenly a lot more bearable. Possible EP highlight, this could go on to rival Joy Orbison as a crossover into DJ sets in almost any genre.

Railroad, the third track on Safehouses, greets us with a subtly complicated 2step vocal led introduction. A very crafty drum build is flitted in and out of the beat, giving the impression of some 'Filth' drop is around the corner. Thankfully that is just a phase and it all collapses into some very James Blake styled majoratively synth based 2step. A very dreamy track, the 2step really compliments the vocals and layered synths, creating probably the most atmospheric track here.

Crossed Out is another track around the 130 bpm area, with a similar style to the opening/closing beat from The Slump evident throughout. Despite my seemingly negative approach to it's pressence in The Slump, in the habitat created by Pariah in this track, the fast paced beat seems right at home here. There are some teasing vocals that are dispersed across the song, and also some great side partings of ambience that recall the opening of Joy Orbison's 2009 classic Hyph Mngo, before resuming back into the very choppy vocals. Easiest description would be a funky update of last EP highlight, Orpheus, however I feel that it required a more in depth description.

With the penultimate track, C Beams, Pariah takes us on a musical journey to FlyLo, Dilla, Madlib via his own track, Detroit Falls and Bristolian Joker. The vast drop in bpm is noticeable, but not worried about, some very Zomby-like skittley jabbing synths carry the expansive beat along it's path. Some wailing vocals are welcomed to bring some light to this increasingly dark track, before some Balam Acab style bass jumps are stabbed in. The purple sounding synths seem to work so well at this speed, that it is a wonder that Joker, Peverelist or Pinch haven't considered attempting this. (If they have and Ive missed it, apologies.) The pianos that introduce the track are worthy of making this track on a par with Prism as the EP highlights.

The final cut, Safehouses, is a beatless wonder. With no discernable drum beat to follow, a lot of responsibility is placed upon the ambience and atmosphere that Pariah is able to muster. This skill was sublimely done by Skream on his recent LP opener, Perforated. This song most reminds me of the sea. I know that appears to be some pretentious arty thing to say, but it really does. The waves of reverb that loop are sublime, creating an emotional soundscape. To say that this track really doesn't switch or drop or change in all of its 4 minutes and 11 seconds without me getting even slightly bored, is a testament in itself to the production skills of Pariah.

So, R&S continue their 100% record with UK bass music since their relaunch in 2008. After getting releases from Pariah and James Blake, they firmly have their finger on the pulse of UK Electronic music. This EP should make a name out of Pariah. If DJs are willing to give his tracks a go, I believe that certainly Prism should become a danceflooor hit. If not, Pariah will still have his own supporters who will stay faithful as long as he continues to bring such amazing music to our ears.

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