Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from everyone at Abandon Silence!

This year, a whole host of producers have been bitten by the festive spirit and decided to give away free downloads. Luckily for you I am waiting for my Turkey, so I am here to give you all the links to get the very best of these giveaways...

Firstly we have the don of the free download, Skream. He has decided to give away a whole album of free tracks, titled 'The Freeizm Album'. Special mentions go to Lightnin VIP, Skwelcha and his remix of P Money's Left The Room, which has been destroying dancefloors throughout 2010.

Secondly we have an exclusive Footcrab VIP from Addison Groove. Footcrab was one of the singles of the year, even popping up in NME's list. The VIP adds an extra dimension to the originals addictive and energetic vibes.

We are still searching for more free giveaways, but for now the third and final of these downloads comes from Mele, who has given away recent Abandon Silence blog hit I Swear Down away for Christmas. Featuring some fantastic vocals and a 'drone' sound similar to the works of Deadboy, this one will get you shaking away your Turkey fat.

As a late addition, we have a fresh instrumental from Manchester based producer Numan. i've been following this guy for a while now, and was more than happy to hear that he had released this grime track 'Red' yesterday. It's a little different from his usual stuff, but is fantastic...

FREE DOWNLOAD: numan - red
Please enjoy, and as an extra Christmas treat we give you our (very early) prediction for our Track of 2011, courtesy of the 2010 winner, James Blake...

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