Sunday, 29 August 2010

Fresh James Blake! Thank God!

Via James Blake's Facebook profile....

James Blake Coming soon --> Klavierwerke EP on R&S Records --> 27/09/10

Some fantastic news there from James Blake, I've been eagerly awaiting some fresh material from him - CMYK was too much too soon, its been hard trying to handle these last few months with no fresh Blake to live by. Luckily, I also found this fresh slice of goodness when perusing Soundcloud.

More in a vocal direction, as it is thought his forthcoming LP will be, I Never Learnt to Share is just simply astounding. With some great jazz/soul vocals from the man himself, musically it appears to be similar to CMYK for it's desserted and chopped approach, until a majorly heavy drop comes out of the blue at 1:28. Pure screechy fire from James Blake, something I really thought I would never say. However, he still manages to keep it subtly original and recognisable as his own production by keeping half time switches and some great strings. I cannot recommend this enough, and while your listening, why not book tickets to see him live at Abandon Silence 02 this September in Liverpool?

ps This is in no way a plug for the show, this tune is just plain incredible and HAD to be shared.

James Blake - I never learnt to Share by spacehappens

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Abandon Silence Autumn Dates

Abandon Silence 02

Thursday 23rd September

JAMES BLAKE -- hessle/hemlock/r&s
KillaHurtZ -- naiive/foul play
Horza -- squiggles
Rich Furness -- chibuku

£5 tickets at
£6 on the door

join the guestlist at!/event.php?eid=117813361604398&ref=mf

Abandon Silence Presents... ink at CHIBUKU

Saturday 9th October

RAMADANMAN -- hessle
Horza -- squiggles
Kidheader -- ampersand
Grandav -- yam yams

also performing in different rooms are Shy FX, High Contrast, Andy C, Nero and Netsky to name a few.

join the guestlist and buy tickets at!/event.php?eid=142183352486640&ref=ts

Abandon Silence 03 - Saturation Point non-Dubstep night

Thursday 28th October

MOUNT KIMBIE -- hotflush
Rich Furness -- chibuku
Horza (Grime set)-- squiggles
Dalema (Hip Hop set) -- sessions

£6 tickets available at
£7 on the door

Abandon Silence 04 - End of Year/ 21st Celebrations

Thursday 25th November

BREAKAGE -- digital soundboy
special guest tba
Rich Furness -- chibuku
Horza -- squiggles

tickets available OCTOBER

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Chibuku vs Abandon Silence

Abandon Silence is proud to announce the second of our Autumn dates, as we host the INK room at Chibuku on October the 9th.

Playing will be the owner of the best name in music, Ramadanman, with local support from the ever present Horza, Irishman Kidheader and weird Brummy Grandav (2nd best name in music definitely Dav).

With other rooms at Chibuku hosting sets from High Contrast, Nero, Andy C and Shy FX, its set to be a memorable one. To celebrate this huge evening of events, Kidheader has put together a mix exclusively for Abandon Silence. Taking in massive dubstep from Tek One, reggae vibes from the fantastic Babylon System and some very nice chilled vibes from Breakage, this is a great exhibition for Kidheader's DJ skills.

Check it out, then come along on the 9th October and see him live. Link for more details forthcoming, but for now see all the Chibuku Autumn listings here.

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010


After previously revealing the line up details for Abandon Silence 02, we are happy to give you a link so you can bag yourself some tickets.

To repeat ourselves, the line up is:

JAMES BLAKE - hessle audio/R&S/hemlock

KillaHurtZ - foul play
Rich Furness - Chibuku
Horza - Squiggles

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Celebratory Post.

I must congratulate each and every one of you that came on to check out my review of Skream's album, Outside the Box. It has been by far the best received post on the blog, with over a thousand hits coming in the first day. I am very proud of the review, despite it's brief nature, and it is still on the first page of Google when you search for 'Skream Outside the Box review' - I am immensely proud.

So, back to the music. I have today completed my resit exams for Uni as I have been a dunce. Despite the boring revision riddled last week, one track has held me together. I know very little about this guy, just that he was in NME about 2 months ago and I took no notice, then I caught a listen in a live set by Mount Kimbie and my jaw dropped. This track is just huge, listen to it, find it, buy it.

Jai Paul -BTSU (stream)
Jai Paul - BTSTU Master 06 01 10 320k by Jai Paul

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Skream - Outside The Box: A Review

Today I have decided to put together a brief review of Skream's new LP, Outside the Box. Please forgive me for the rather small review, I am meant to be revising for a resit next week! I hope you agree with my opinions, but if you don't, please give your reasons in the comments box at the bottom.

The album itself comes out this Monday, the 9th August, on Tempa Recordings. It is a fantastic LP, taking in many different styles and genres on it's way. As I am trying to keep it brief, I have just given a small review of each individual track.

Despite having no discernible beat to it, the popping synths and mountains of reverb make this an emotional introduction.

8 Bit Baby (featuring Murs)
Nice light production, but is really let down by the vocals.
“Guess who came through the front door bangin//
one leg up on the speaker nuts hangin... danglin.”
Err.. I guess it is quite fitting that the weak point of the whole album is a guest appearance.

Real grower. On first listen appears immature and underdeveloped. When given further attention, however, you see past the incessant vocals and begin to admire the ebbs and flows of the track. Some old school Nintendo sounding keys are subtly brilliant as well

Where You Should Be (featuring Sam Frank)
My personal favourite track. Great sub bass punches every 4 bars aide the tracks introduction before the vocoded voice of Sam Frank punctures the beautiful instrumental. Purple vibes run throughout, counter acted by some pretty deep vocals, the track has the emotion and epic nature to push it beyond anything else on the LP.

How Real (featuring Freckles)
Again some vocoded vocals. Not as great as the previous track, but still huge. The crashing cymbals transport the track along it's duration, with some key synths and subs joining in to herald each passing chorus. The chopped vocals on the chorus are superb as well.

Fields of Emotion
A trade mark Skream dancefloor smash. Quite simple production is used to great effect, minimal percussion that take a back step for the synths and heavy stabs of 'wobble bass.' Just wait for the final drop, the reverbed wobbles are just fantastic.

I Love The Way
The most 'commercial' track on the record, to say it reminds of Labrinth's production could be taken as a positive or negative. An un-attributed vocal, I presume a sample, is used to great effect in 'I Love the Way'. Some brooding synths and a nice breakbeat bring the track along to an epic dnb style crescendo that is well worth the wait.

Listenin’ To The Records On My Wall
We all know this track, the Amen loops and great 'Midnight Request Line' style delays. It's a great club track that would get almost any crowd going.

The hardest track on the record. Constant metallic 'wobbles' accompanied by hard hitting drum patterns force the track on. Subtle alterations in chord and tempo keep you guessing and keep you interested.

At 85 BPM, this is another Autonomic style production, similar to Reflections. The track begins some different and intriguing drum patterns joined by rumbling sub bass before at around 90 seconds a great swirling synth track and slight 'wobbles' slide in to create a great concoction of noise that Skream does very well to handle.

Finally (featuring La Roux)
Skream received quite heavy flak from other blogs for this track when it leaked recently, I disagree. In my opinion the vocals fit superbly with the track. Her high pitched calls fit very nicely with Skream's forboding and quite stripped production.

Reflections (featuring D:Bridge & Instra:Mental)
As with Acacia Avenue (No.3 on our Tracks of the Year so far), Skream brings in D:Bridge and Instra:Mental to help with the production. Some fantastic breakdowns and interesting drum patterns as usual from the Autonomic crew.

A Song For Lenny
Very similar to the opening track, with some nice keys and strings, again a very emotional track. Ties in with Perforated to create what I'd call the logical end of the album...

The Epic Last Song
Hearing this track I had the impression that A Song for Lenny was originally the conclusion to the record, but I guess Skream opted to end with an upbeat banger. I kept that belief as the track rattles along, appearing to go nowhere until around the 2:30 mark it breaks down and begins a build up to an epic and fitting finale to the record.

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Monday, 2 August 2010


I am more excited for this film than any other, does that make me a geek?

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Sunday, 1 August 2010

One to Watch: MyCassetteTapes

Today AbandonSilence introduces a brand new and fresh artist to you, his name is 'My Cassette Tapes.' All I know about this guy is that he is called Andrew Bowers and he is from Manchester, England. Also I know that this track is just epic! (Wait for 2 mins 30. PURE FIRE!)

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