Wednesday, 21 April 2010

In Profile: Mele

AbandonSilence was recently very happy to get an interview with Mele. Mele is a new producer coming out of the Wirral, Merseyside. His productions have a style and flair that I absolutely love. I simply cannot get enough of his tunes, check them out after the interview;

(As a special treat, I've also put Mele's 'Favourite Tunes of the Moment' up for download or stream - right click, open new tab for them.)

here goes....

AbandonSilence: So, how did you end up producing and DJing music?

Mele: I got into about 3/4 years ago, a mate of my mums son sold me his decks when i was about 13 with a load of techno vinyls, so i just learnt to dj with them, producing came a little bit after.

AS: What was your inspiration to get into music?

M: Definitely seeing the prodigy for the first time, it was like an epiphany

AS: Which three artists are the biggest influences on your sound?

M: I must admit that that changes literally all the time, but at the moment i would probably say the stuff L-vis 1990, Redlight and Toddla T are doing.

AS: When you have created a new original production, how do you go about releasing it? (what order - internet, vinyl, bootleg, etc)

M: it used to be just sending demo's to labels, but now i really only release on labels i know and want to do releases with me.

AS: What are your views on the Liverpool scene?

M: i have been going to clubs like Chibuku for a while now, its getting stronger! I have only played in liverpool once or twice. but local guys like Rich Furness are smashing it.

AS: Why does it have such a small scene by comparison to other cities such as Manchester, Bristol or London? Do you have any idea as to why this is?

M: I often ask myself the same thing?!

AS: What are your views on dubstep? I know that you produce and DJ all forms of electronic music, so why do you feel that dubstep is coming to the fore at the minute?

M: I love dubstep but i would never want to get bogged down in the whole thing, it seems like people are taking it and running with it, which is a good and bad thing i suppose. its just great party music i suppose

AS: Is music your day job?

M: it is!

AS: What is your favourite club night to play in Liverpool? If possible, why?

M: i cant say that yet unfortunately! hopefully i will be able to comment on that soon [AbandonSilence would like to say that we are planning on changing this answer for Mele soon]

AS: What are your three biggest tunes at the minute?

M: stupid by redlight and pulse 80 by mensah and hydraulic by r1 ryders

AS: Cheers

AbandonSilence would like to thank Mele for his speedy and full co-operation in helping us out.


Flexi - Melé by Mele

Eliza Doolittle - Skinny Genes (Melé Remix) On 1xtra by Mele

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  1. hey, please reply me, where can i buy his remix of Eliza Doolittle - Skinny Genes!!
    i couldn't find it!
    only a promo cds from eBay! (no more available)
    i really want this remix :(

  2. nevermind...found it

  3. where is ya tee in that pic from mele?!