Thursday, 15 April 2010

Joy Orbison Live: A Review

Hello there! I hope you've missed me. Back in the country, after last night's Toga Party debauchery it's back into the world of work. My lecturer won't be too jolly if he knew I was posting during a lecture, but still, thus is life.

I'm going to cheat by just giving you the review I have written of Joy Orbison's gig at the Leaf Cafe a few weeks ago. I know it's a long turn around of a review, but my deadline is Monday for the magazine so I've took my time. Please give me your feedback, constructive criticism is very useful!

Here you go...

Joy Orbison – Leaf Cafe & Bar, Parliament St, Liverpool

Liverpool’s dubstep followers circa 2009 were a loutish lot; popping pills and stomping through venues like hordes of Viking warriors. However, as the genre has branched out, so has it’s fan base. The crowd of individuals populating the Leaf tonight were a regression and evolution on that rather sinister and intimidating bunch.

There were dubsteppers trying to find a rhythm that was long lost in the mix, there were Indie kids coming to see what the hype was about, and there were the local glitterati who I assume were the most at home at this gig.

The old crowd did infiltrate these peaceful and serene surroundings, a couple of pissed bellends decided to push into everyone in the venue, and I quote directly, “For a Laugh.” Others in the crowd certainly did not share their outlook, as angry confrontations followed them around the dance floor.

I am not attempting to come across as some ‘Cooler Than Thou’ lothario, just that there is a time and a place, and this certainly was not it. This was a gig for all, from a middle aged couple to the indie kids, everyone was at home. The unifying denominator was the music. And it was enthralling.

Fresh off the release of his The Shrew Cushioned the Blow EP, Joy Orbison sparked this chilled venue into life.

As Joy Orbison stepped up to the decks, there was an air of anticipation rippling through the crowd, and Mr O’Grady certainly didn’t disappoint. He came in hard, playing BRKNCLLN within the first ten minutes. As the crowd warmed to his 2-step/dubstep hybrid, the tunes began to come in heavy.

Continuously mixing the tempos, Joy Orbison’s set was an amalgamation of all that has created such a buzz around the man. Throwing in cuts from Martyn, Instra:Mental, Joker, Roska and a few exclusives from the man himself, his track list was essentially a ‘Who’s Who’ of the new wave of producers.

The crowd stepped on for their lives as they were confined in the No Man’s Land of Percussive Crossfire emanating from the parallel speaker stacks.After the adoration of the crowd over flowed into a huge round of applause, Orbison ended his pulsating set with the rapturously received Hyph Mngo.

After being named in BBC, NME and Pitchfork’s ‘One to Watch’ lists, 2010 is going to be a big year for Joy Orbison.
Andrew Hill

Here's a mix he did recently, listen while you read the review if you want, it's there to stream or download.

Joy Orbison Greenmoney Mix by elpretentio2

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  1. a bit late in this reply, but you guys in the UK are lucky as hell to get him spinning at your clubs as often as you do. i'm awaiting his return to the california someday... :(