Monday, 5 April 2010

Hot as Hell!

The trip to the other side of the world gathers pace, as we enter the second week. Network problems are threatening to ruin my holiday, as I can't get in touch with a certain someone back home, 'tis rather horrible!

Everyday here has averaged over 30 degrees, which is rather immense. Indeed, as I write this post I am out on our room's balcony over looking Bucklands Beach, Auckland, which I assure you is a lot better than the dusty old flat back in Liverpool. Indeed, despite being a Google Images cut, the image above is of this hotel where I am sat. I am to the bottom left on the balcony, good times.

The tunes that have been getting me through this week have oddly been some relatively old records. Radiohead's In Rainbows has been a constant companion, as has the epic Plastic Beach by Gorillaz, which has suddenly taken on a life of it's own as a Summer record - I hadn't noticed til 'Welcome to the Plastic Beach' came on shuffle, Snoop is so laid back on that.

The music today comes from Nero. After gain popularity with huge remixes of The Streets, Deadmau5 and Booty Luv, they come in strong with next single Innocence. The track is similar to the also huge Act Like You Know, with females vocals and huge house-like crescendo building up to a massive drop. Give it a go while it's fresh.

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