Tuesday, 27 April 2010

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Join our Facebook page! Well, it's actually a 'person', but still, become my friend... please? Haha, well, let's move onto the music. A biig triple header for you today, with a big Skream remix, a very nice Joy Orbison remix and the new Pendulum dubstep (?!) track.

Firstly, we have a remix of Skream's Make Me, coming from Distance. Distance's tracks usually take the way of an instrumental, with long drawn out 'riffs'. This remix is no different, but by splicing in the vocal samples from the original, Distance has almost bettered the original and created a great track.

Joy Orbison has had a very impressive six months; after the hype of Hyph Mngo threatened to devour him, he pressed on with the fantastic The Shrew Should Have Cushioned the Blow EP, and some highly rated Live shows adding to his burgeoning reputation. This new remix is of a Todd Edwards track, I Might Be. The remix is just plain nice, the light vocals of the original remain intact, with some great 2steppy beats thrown around with some added trademark chopped vocals. Enjoy...

Finally, after the previous YouTube post praised Pendulum's new dubstep direction, here is the track in question. Set Me On Fire has it's influences all over it, just like their drum 'n' bass work I guess. This could be a good or bad thing, as the track essentially copies the ideas of Doctor P, Nero and Trolley Snatcha in the female rave build up and the huuuge billowing bass wobbles that are just silliness. But that's what we like, isn't it?

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