Saturday, 24 July 2010

AbandonSilence Extended Dubstep Mix DOWNLOAD

Yes, indeed it is that time again, AbandonSilence has long lost hope of retaining a 'Fortnightly Mix' series. So, instead we have made a rather extended 37 minute mix with all of our favourite tunes on it. As you listen, the tracklist pops up as comments. If that's not enough, the tracklist is written below it.

It took me a long time to decide on the tracklisting for this, and I admit that there are some mistakes in here (Mixing, whole tunes being played, etc.)

But still, I hope you appreciate this mix and enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.


Project Bassline - Twelfth Step (Herve Remix)
Skream - Where You Should Be
Benga - Stop Watching
Dansette Junior - Paranoid
Caspa - Terminator (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
Mount Kimbie - Maybes (James Blake Remix)
Skream - Minimalistix
KillaHurtZ - Skank With A Redstripe
Skepta- Rescue Me (Mele Remix)
>>>>>>>>Tempa T - Next Hype
Ginz - Oreo
Breakage - Together
MIA - Born Free (12th Planet Remix)
Magnetic Man - MAD
DJ Fresh - Fight
Skream - What Did He Say?
Magnetic Man - I Need Air
Benga - Baltimore Clap
Professor Green & Lily Allen - Good to Green (Joker Remix)

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2 New Skream. Overload!

After the previous posts attack of the ZIP files, I have decided to take it down a few notches with a couple of nice streaming attacks, one youtube, one soundcloud.

The music today comes courtesy of the increasingly poppy Magnetic Man and a third of that group, Skream.

Despite almost universal previous belief that they would be an underground phenomenon, recent released tracks I Need Air and this track, Perfect Stranger, have revealed that they are in fact aiming for the charts.

This may sound bad, but I say to you, who else would you prefer to take dubstep to the masses than three of the 'original's?

Here is Perfect Stranger featuring great guest vocals from Katy B;

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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Free Ish

Its been an incredible 48 hours for LEGAL FREE downloaders. Firstly, Rusko released part 1 of his 'Lost Dubs' tracks. And then, just a day later, Skream dropped the third of his Freeizm series.

Rusko's Lost Dubs appear to be very rushed. No indexing on the track names, mis-matched volumes, these appear to have been pritt sticked together. Nonetheless, there are some big tracks here. A unique version of The Girl From Codeine City being the definite highlight.

1 gully flute
2 rusko-gyal-dem inna codine style
3 japes yeah
4 jump up
5 red eye (live mix)
6 snes dub 2

Freeizm is a whopping 9 track EP, with some absolute gems from down the years. As with Rusko's compilation, there is no time for nicely indexed tracks, just an amalgamation of tunes that must have just popped into Skream's head as he went to upload. In particular Meta Lick and Pick Ya Knees Up are superb.

1.Behind The Curtain
4.Metal Mouth
5.Pick Ya Knees Up
6.Geeneus-Now Is The Time-Skreamix
7.Geiom-Reminissin-Skream's Tribal 44 mix
8.Lets Go Fucking Mental
9.Dr.Blue and The Time Travellers - Dr.Who Dub - Skreamix

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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Helping Friends Out...

Today Abandon Silence has decided to be a nice guy, were giving out love to our friends. These mixes come from Adam Armitage and David Clinton; two friends of Abandon Silence with very different musical styles.

Firstly we have Adam Armitage's mix which is a fantastic collection of tracks from post dubstep artists like Deadboy, Sbtrkt and Martyn. For the time being a tracklisting is unavailable, but we will repost with it once we have found one! This mix is just brilliant and has been taking prime position in the communal Fiesta's soundsystem.

Dustymix 5 by EARTHCHILD

David Clinton is in fact a former flatmate of Abandon Silence, and he DJ'd at AbandonSilence01 under the moniker of DJ Grandav. This mix is in a more up tempo style, featuring DJ Madskillz, Emanuel Kosh and Mendo.

Davey C Summer MIX.mp3 by Dave_Clinton

1. Emanuel Kosh - Make My Music (Original Mix)
2. Discodonk - Borino Oro (Original Mix)
3. Christian Alvarez feat. JoLeon Davenue - Hands In The Air (The Good Guys Remix)
4. Filthy Rich - Deeper (Original Club Mix)
5. Florian Kruse and Nils Nurnberg - Lovers N Fighters (DJ Madskillz Remix)
6. Noir & Westboy - She S Got My Heart (Original Mix)
7. Loko - Disco Hamster (Original mix)
8. Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice 2010 feat. Lazy Rich (Original Mix)
9. Mendo - Morena (Original Mix)
10. Phonat - Set Me Free (Matt Nugent Remix)

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Friday, 16 July 2010

AbandonSilence02 Details

We are proud to announce the details of AbandonSilence02!

On Thursday September 23rd, AbandonSilence will be heading across Liverpool to a new venue, The Shipping Forecast, to take over their downstairs clubroom. With only a 120 capacity, we recommend arriving as early as possible!

Our headliner will be the hottest property in electronic music, and recent winner of 'Best New Artist' and 'Best Track' of 2010 in the AbandonSilence poll, James Blake!

Joined by Manchester badaman KillaHurtz, local legend Rich Furness and historically heroic Horza, this is set to be an amazing evening!

September 23rd 10pm-3am

The Shipping Forecast, Slater St, Liverpool


James Blake


Rich Furness


£6 entry

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Monday, 12 July 2010

New Benga/Katy B Video

After our previous' post's much maligned obscene outburst as to the awesome nature of Magnetic Man's movements to mass mainstream magnificence, I thought I'd just let you know that better is out there for the population. These comparisons are made solely on what you would call 'mainstream dubstep', i.e that that is produced with the aim of getting into the charts, getting onto people's ringtones, getting played in normal clubs, yes it really does sound shit doesn't it.

However,this tune is pretty good, and after 'I Need Air' is another that should go big, I'm talking top 20. After Rusko's Hold On became a somewhat odd clarrion call for the return of UKG, Benga's new track 'On A Mission' featuring Katy B just takes that idea and runs with it. After first hearing it on Caspa's FWD live set a month or so ago, it has resurfaced through this fantastic video seemingly filmed at Matter. See how many cameos you can spot; we have found Skream, Dread MC, FlowDan, Geeneus and Sbtrkt so far, let us know if you get anymore. Only time will tell as to how big this tune gets. Anywho, for now, here you go....

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