Monday, 12 July 2010

New Benga/Katy B Video

After our previous' post's much maligned obscene outburst as to the awesome nature of Magnetic Man's movements to mass mainstream magnificence, I thought I'd just let you know that better is out there for the population. These comparisons are made solely on what you would call 'mainstream dubstep', i.e that that is produced with the aim of getting into the charts, getting onto people's ringtones, getting played in normal clubs, yes it really does sound shit doesn't it.

However,this tune is pretty good, and after 'I Need Air' is another that should go big, I'm talking top 20. After Rusko's Hold On became a somewhat odd clarrion call for the return of UKG, Benga's new track 'On A Mission' featuring Katy B just takes that idea and runs with it. After first hearing it on Caspa's FWD live set a month or so ago, it has resurfaced through this fantastic video seemingly filmed at Matter. See how many cameos you can spot; we have found Skream, Dread MC, FlowDan, Geeneus and Sbtrkt so far, let us know if you get anymore. Only time will tell as to how big this tune gets. Anywho, for now, here you go....

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