Thursday, 10 June 2010

Halfway Point Awards

As we reach the end of June, AbandonSilence has decided to take a celebratory look back at the previous six months of 2010. It seems an age ago, back in January, when I decided to create this music blog. It has slowly grown and now is well established, for that I thank all of you readers. The lists below are my own personal opinion, so I apologise for any problems that you may have with these lists. If you disagree, plleeeease feel free to vent your own opinions with a comment, I promise to reply to each and every one. Thanks again, AbandonSilence.

Top 3 Albums
1)Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma == no competition, a masterpiece in cross genre production
2) Foals - Total Life Forever == the best indie record of the year, moving away from the 'Math Rock' of Antidotes has seen Foals mature into a terrific band
3) Gorillaz - Plastic Beach == just the complete record, Bobby Womack's two guest spots take this away from the crowd

Top 3 Tracks (right click on link, open new tab for Download - no CMYK dload available sorry)

1) James Blake - CMYK == recent addition, but just one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard
2) Deadboy - If U Want Me == heard this live so many times since it's release earlier this year, the droning sound at first appears irritating but in fact is genius, guiding the track along it's awesome duration

Top 3 Remixes

1) Zomby - Float (Skreamix) == first released in 2009, but I only heard it in 2010, just miles ahead of any other remixes I have heard.
2) Goldie - Inner City Life (Sbtrkt timeless edit) == the ultimate chill out track, 6 minutes of epic bliss
3) Emika - Double Edge (Pinch Remix) == nice old style dubstep, just simply a great remix that adds layers and atmosphere to an already fantastic cut.

Top 3 Artists to Emerge in 2010

1) James Blake == so much potential, gaining hype from all sides, AbandonSilence hopes he can follow up the CYMK EP with equally great music
2) Sbtrkt == coming from no where, the anonymous Sbtrkt has had a fantastic 6 months, with some great remixes and brilliant releases.
3) Deadboy == I know very little about this guy, but since I heard U Cheated in January I have been blown away with everything that has come since.

Disappointment Award

Rusko -OMG == Had the potential to be THE crossover, but instead was a childish, unsophistiated mish-mash of good ideas in the wrong hands.

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  1. Decent selection there. Why the hatred of Rusko? OMG definitely wasnt shit!
    Hawaii Dan

  2. Nah, I didn't say it was shit, just that it was very disappointing. I did genuinely think that it was going to be amazing, and it definitely didnt live up to my expectations - thus, a disappointment

  3. I agree with the tracks! but cant say i've really listened to any of those albums except a bit of Flying Lotus, an yeah I thought Rusko's album would have been huge but I mean just look at the name lol & the fact he soldout by bringing it out in America first.

  4. no mate..dont agree with the sbtrkt inner city life remix, no one should touch it! the track with Pressure and Jah creating the epic 21 minute and 3 second masterpiece-Timeless! someone needs to tell sbtrkt that ther aint no need to go anywhere near the top geezer of Drum and Bass