Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Drag! My favourite new sound

While having a cheeky peruse of Pitchfork, I came across an article describing a new sound that is mutating worldwide titled 'Drag'. After downloading the tracks that came with it, I have fallen in love! I cannot deny its similarities with dubstep, but it appears to just be an amalgamation of dubstep and deep house, which I am in love with also. So, I compiled a mix to commemorate the discovery of this genre, and it will be the next long awaited 'Fortnightly Mix' (not so fortnightly I have to admit, apologies)

Have a listen, and if you like what you hear let me know, I'd like to find out what other people think of this style of music...

Silent Diane - Harmonikai
OoOOo - nosummer4u
White Ring - IxC999
OoOOo - seaww
Balam Acab - See Birds
Fostercare - Heat High
Balam Acab - Heavy Living Things

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