Thursday, 22 July 2010

Free Ish

Its been an incredible 48 hours for LEGAL FREE downloaders. Firstly, Rusko released part 1 of his 'Lost Dubs' tracks. And then, just a day later, Skream dropped the third of his Freeizm series.

Rusko's Lost Dubs appear to be very rushed. No indexing on the track names, mis-matched volumes, these appear to have been pritt sticked together. Nonetheless, there are some big tracks here. A unique version of The Girl From Codeine City being the definite highlight.

1 gully flute
2 rusko-gyal-dem inna codine style
3 japes yeah
4 jump up
5 red eye (live mix)
6 snes dub 2

Freeizm is a whopping 9 track EP, with some absolute gems from down the years. As with Rusko's compilation, there is no time for nicely indexed tracks, just an amalgamation of tunes that must have just popped into Skream's head as he went to upload. In particular Meta Lick and Pick Ya Knees Up are superb.

1.Behind The Curtain
4.Metal Mouth
5.Pick Ya Knees Up
6.Geeneus-Now Is The Time-Skreamix
7.Geiom-Reminissin-Skream's Tribal 44 mix
8.Lets Go Fucking Mental
9.Dr.Blue and The Time Travellers - Dr.Who Dub - Skreamix

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