Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Celebratory Post.

I must congratulate each and every one of you that came on to check out my review of Skream's album, Outside the Box. It has been by far the best received post on the blog, with over a thousand hits coming in the first day. I am very proud of the review, despite it's brief nature, and it is still on the first page of Google when you search for 'Skream Outside the Box review' - I am immensely proud.

So, back to the music. I have today completed my resit exams for Uni as I have been a dunce. Despite the boring revision riddled last week, one track has held me together. I know very little about this guy, just that he was in NME about 2 months ago and I took no notice, then I caught a listen in a live set by Mount Kimbie and my jaw dropped. This track is just huge, listen to it, find it, buy it.

Jai Paul -BTSU (stream)
Jai Paul - BTSTU Master 06 01 10 320k by Jai Paul

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