Sunday, 29 August 2010

Fresh James Blake! Thank God!

Via James Blake's Facebook profile....

James Blake Coming soon --> Klavierwerke EP on R&S Records --> 27/09/10

Some fantastic news there from James Blake, I've been eagerly awaiting some fresh material from him - CMYK was too much too soon, its been hard trying to handle these last few months with no fresh Blake to live by. Luckily, I also found this fresh slice of goodness when perusing Soundcloud.

More in a vocal direction, as it is thought his forthcoming LP will be, I Never Learnt to Share is just simply astounding. With some great jazz/soul vocals from the man himself, musically it appears to be similar to CMYK for it's desserted and chopped approach, until a majorly heavy drop comes out of the blue at 1:28. Pure screechy fire from James Blake, something I really thought I would never say. However, he still manages to keep it subtly original and recognisable as his own production by keeping half time switches and some great strings. I cannot recommend this enough, and while your listening, why not book tickets to see him live at Abandon Silence 02 this September in Liverpool?

ps This is in no way a plug for the show, this tune is just plain incredible and HAD to be shared.

James Blake - I never learnt to Share by spacehappens

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