Saturday, 20 February 2010

The XX vs Untold

The XX's debut album was, on par with Animal Collective and The Horrors, my favourite LP of 2009. As their name and reputation continues to grow they release a new single, Islands, with an EP solely containing remixes.

The remixers on duty are Untold, Blue Nile, Nosaj Thing, FaltyDL and Delorean.

The Nosaj Thing remix surfaced a few months ago, so is not really newsworthy. However, to AbandonSilence's knowledge, the other four are new and fresh.

In our considerable opinion, Untold's remix exceeds any of the others. The remix is similar to Untold's most popular original production, Stop What You're Doing. The thumping drum beat leads into a cascading bass wobble that leads into the playful male v female vocal battle.

The remix is brilliant, and we thoroughly recommend that you get the whole EP from your local shop or of course the usual internet suspects.

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