Friday, 19 February 2010

Chibuku feat Zinc

After the last two Saturday's sell-out shows Chibuku returns to the Liverpool Barfly this weekend with another stellar cast to bring in another messy evening of unregulated debauchery.

Zinc will be bringing his Crack House to Liverpool for the first time, alongside Radio One's Annie Mac in the Theatre, whilst up in The Loft we can find some of the most exciting names in dubstep and drum and bass. Stenchman will be making his Chibuku debut, bringing some well needed filth to proceedings - he will be followed by the mainstream d'n'b heavyweights Sub Focus and the ever present Friction.

It will be an absolute beeeast of a night, I hope you all get down there. If not, I hope you find yourself a cheeky session to attend near you.

For a break from the dubstep love in this blog has become, I will give you a couple of tracks from Zinc. He has attempted to create a genre single-handedly, titled Crack House, with some incredible creations. The music is similar to the bassline movement in the Midlands. However whereas bassline is utter shit (cannot express how bad it really is. Take my word for it. It really is) Zinc uses innovative synths and drum patterns to create tracks that a dubstep-head like myself can enjoy alongside your typical David Guetta fans. It really is some great music.

Wile Out is the most well known song, featuring Ms Dynamite(ee-hee) on the vocals. The track begins with Dynamite's vocals, and sounds very similar to Zinc's previous work on dubstep (after his d'n'b phase, before Crack House) before dropping into some brilliantly light choral vocals and synths.

As a bonus I will also give you a link to find an RAR of the Killa Sound EP, which incidentally was the original pressing that Zinc used as a carrion call for his genre.

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