Saturday, 13 February 2010

Introducing: Naiive Dubstarz

As a tasty addition to the previous Avatar baiting post, AbandonSilence is proud to introduce you to Naiive Dubstarz.

The crew come from Manchester in the North West of England. Their Facebook page claims that their, "Subs will soon destroy us all." Definitely a good statement of intent I'm sure you'll agree. We have two tracks from the crew to discuss and share with you.

The first track is titled, "Root", and comes from KillahurtZ. The track itself is similar to the works of jump up producers like Flux Pavilion, Doctor P and Cookie Monsta.

A revolving bassline hits you within seconds, and the track builds and climaxes around this simple repeated bassline. Flames of purple style synths greet the listener at interludes and inaudible vocals are introduced at seemingly random moments.

This controlled chaos is an excellent mix, and comes together to create a well crafted track. KillaHurtz is most certainly one for the future.

We also have a track titled, "PornDub", by another Naiive Dubstarz producer, NVision. The track uses, ahem, porn noises to compliment it's own dubstep beat. The combination is an interesting blend, and certainly grows with every listen. It is really an intriguing listen, give it a go...

Check out Naiive Dubstarz at their Facebook page.

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