Monday, 22 February 2010

Stenchman vs Outkast

After Stenchman's mutilation of the Liverpool Barfly, I feel like sharing huge tune of his with you good people.

His set was pretty safe, including classics from Doctor P and Bassline Smith to name a few, but still did enough on a d'n'b orientated night to take the prize for me! Also, with a mask like that (picture) he did enough to linger long in the memory.

Firstly we have his remix of Outkast's Bombs Over Baghad. The original was voted Pitchfork's track of the last decade, and by adding a dubstep beat along with a few devilish drops, Stenchman has recreated a new perverted classic

As a bonus, we have Killabitt's latest remix. The Toronto-based producer has been creating some ridiculous remixes for months now, and I'm sure this was dropped on Saturday night. This horribly wobbly track is a remix of a Louis La Roche track and has some great drops intervened with cries of 'MALFUNCTION'. Please check this out if you like the dirty stuff...

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