Wednesday, 3 February 2010

EXCLUSIVE free mp3

The second post of the day is a brief artist profile and exclusive mp3 from producer Secondguess. Real name Graeme Thomson, SecondGuess is a music student from Southport, England, and today exclusively released his latest production, Tic Tac Ten Bag, to AbandonSilence. A name full of Northern English slang, the track is probably the opposite of what you would expect.

Created at his home studio, Graeme Thomson said that this track was created in a “spate of creativity”. The track does seem half finished but I am sure that as it is currently only held on his MySpace page it will be developed.

So, the track itself. The instrumental track is just over three minutes long, though it does feel like it is longer. The basis of the song is a rising beat/piano combination that are continuously chopping and changing throughout to add effect and build crescendos.

In honesty, this song sounds like a beat to be given to an MC. The track does pass by without much happening, though, it’s sparse beats would work brilliantly with Madlib or Doom over it. That is a compliment, this is hopefully a sign of things to come.

I recommend that you take this free mp3, and also check Graeme Thomson's full time band, WeWereAllMadeInChina at

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