Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Flying Lotus vs Lil Wayne

The don of glitch and instrumental hip hop, Flying Lotus, has returned with a new remix of Lil Wayne's track 'I Feel Like Dying'. The track comes from Weezy's new album, the long gestated 'Rebirth', his rock-rap album. The album has been lambasted universally in every review I have read of it, but this remix can restore some of my faith in the man. Well, we can at least pretend that this is an original cut.

The track is very different to the original, with glitchy steps following by drawn out bass that adds layers and depth to Wayne's rap, which is restricted here to just a few bars. The track is brilliant and I really beg you, if you like this, which you will, to check out Flying Lotus' back catalogue, he is peerless in his field.

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