Thursday, 25 February 2010

Me Nan Loves... Rusko

Apologies to all involved... AbandonSilence today received it's first DMCA for copyright breach :s Oh deary me! Well, offending materials have been removed, it was on an old post anyway - I'm not allowed to say what individual post the material was on, but you can probably work out what's missing.

Anywho.. today! Well, rather unfortunately for me, after the messiness of last night's horribly generic student night, I have further pressing matters this fair evening - Rusko is heading to Liverpool! The man is playing at the Liverpool Barfly, and we will be there.

However, the gig is pay-in only, rather oddly, so we have to get there early-doors to guarantee entry. Bit frustrating.

So, to celebrate this fine evening of dirty DJing and ugly beats, I will give you some fresh Rusko, alongisde a classic remix. The Jahova VIP first came to our notice on Caspa's Essential Mix, but we've heard it alot since then, classic.

The Prodigy Remix is the biggest signifier of what Rusko live gig is like, you can almost hear the destruction occuring while the bass flies every which way possible.

Finally, a rare remix of an Attacca (don't know?) track. This is an interesting track as it is the most recent, and is also in a more electro direction, which Rusko has spoke about as an influence upon his forthcoming LP. Also, it's a tune!

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