Monday, 1 March 2010

Straight to the Bank Remixes

What is a 'by the numbers' remix? Remixes that, regardless of quality, clearly have signs that a lack of care or control was taken in the creation of said track.

The first example I have is this brand new mix by Jakwob of a Kid Sister track. I am a huge follower of Jakwob, I've got my grubby little hands on every track that I can find bearing his plate. However, the predictability and consistency with which he has taken previous templates and just showered the (great) original track with it nigh on patronising. (I hasten to add that another new Jakwob remix has surfaced of the new Audio Bullys track. It is indeed a lot better than this :)

The second is probably the most obviously laxadasical effort that I have ever come across in dubstep. It is a very high profile track, indeed coming from one of dubstep's forefathers, Benga. His remix of Prodigy's Warrior's Dance to be precise. It's just so damn lazy! The same crescendo as the original with just dubstepped drum beats that lead into the same drop that features onBenga's 'Crunked Up'.

If the previous track was unreleased, ie the incredible similarities between Skream's 0800 duband Midnight Request Line, it'd be OK, but Crunked Up is a dubstep classic, and is one of Benga's best original productions. The fact that Prodigy paid Benga as an official remixer on the trackjust gives me the impression that Mr Benga, as they say, laughed all the way to the bank.

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