Tuesday, 23 March 2010

FlyLo vs KanYe!

After the beautifully executed 'I Feel Like Dying' Lil Wayne remix, Flying Lotus comes in with a remix of Kanye's Love Lockdown.

The original is one of the most forward thinking, evolutionary and yet simplistic popular tracks of our times. The simple beat supplemented by auto-tuned (back when it was cool) vocals.

FlyLo's remix creates an even more serene atmosphere for the track, with some brilliantly light percussion flowing alongside the stripped back vocals (is that possible with Auto Tune?)

This track is excellent, and stands toe to toe with the Lil Wayne remix, with a new LP forthcoming, Flying Lotus is in for a huge 2010.

(Yes, that's AbandonSilence with Flying Lotus. Last year at Detonate in Nottingham)

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