Monday, 8 March 2010

Reggae Styles

Dubstep = Dub - Step = Dub to Step to. Dub originates from Dub Reggae and the Dubplate phenomenon. Dubstep has retained some of the reggae genre characteristics, as well as including some artists under it's umbrella to add to the ever expanding range of styles in this one exciting genre.

When you listen (and we hope you will) to the tracks below, you may just think that they are reggae, but by religiously sticking to a 140 BPM and including some bass wobbles and general dirt, they are indeed dubstep - I ensure you there may be a more scientific definition of dubstep, but that'll do for now.

The first track comes from 6Blocc, a collective who have been on the DJ tour circuit for a few years now, they fuse dubstep and reggae in an exciting and original way. The track here is fantastic, if you don't start skanking when the drums drop at 0:40 you clearly have no soul.

The next is an absolute classic, Coki gained mainstream popularity with his collaboration with Benga titled Night, but this remains his biggest tune. The vocals recall Iration Steppas and the 90s reggae groove, but still are brought forward to the 21st Century with a deeeeep bassline. Everyone with us now, "Burnin down the alley way."

Here at AbandonSilence we've had real trouble just keeping to the rigorous Blog Rule of just 3 mp3s per post, with so many tracks begging to be included here. Just as a reminder if any of you (you should be) want any more tracks like these, just request it with a Comment below.

Anywho, the final track we have chosen is the nearest to plain dubstep as opposed to reggae out of the three downloads. Flux Pavilion have been coming out with some absolute bangers recently, and with Voscillate they took it down a few notches. However, Roksonix have hit back with this jet powered remix that it is pretty hard to not headbang to. Please enjoy!

Anyone interested by these artists, please check out Mungos Hi Fi, Warrior Queen and Doorly's remix of a Tinny track (yes, from the Cadburys advert)

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