Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Fortnightly Mix 04

Yes, it's that time again, AbandonSilence this fortnight will be bringing you a new and unrivalled option- that is, the option to hear the stream the mix direct from this post! You may recognise the SoundCloud box from the previous Skream post, and we are very proud to announce that most, if not all, tracks we release from now on will be given this treatment.

So, to the mix. Following on from the last mix was hard, given just how hard we came in with that, here we have tried to up our game with some killer mixes and heeeavy tracks.

Coming in with a glitchy remix of Kid Cudi and Snoop's collaboration, we've tried to drop it in at the deep end. We followed that up a delightfully fun 12th Planet remix, and then let you all hear the FlyLo remix of KanYe West's Love Lockdown, available for download here. After that we went straight down into the filth with 16Bit's hard remix of Plan B's She Said.

We had a tall task attempting to follow that up, so after hefty debate we settled upon 6Blocc's Weed Dub, a deliciously bassy track that will be featuring in our up coming 'Weedstep' compilation mix. To finish you all off we gave you Joker's forthcoming release, Tron, and finished with the amazing Doctor P remix of 12th Planet's Reasons (similarities to his other tracks have been duly noted, but it's still awesome)

For those of you who are new to SoundCloud, to download the mix click the little 'arrow' thing to the right of the box. The tracklisting will appear if you download it or if you go here

Also,if you sign up for a FREE account, you can comment on particular points in the mix. This is a quite awesome part of SoundCloud, we think you should all get an account and do it on this mix.

Andy at AbandonSilence


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  2. Thats a fattest mix so far. Big up Hill, throughly enjoyed.

  3. Another sick one Hill! they just get better and better !