Tuesday, 2 March 2010

ID & Baobinga. 'Free' Album. Review.

In 2008 Radiohead released an LP, the fantastic In Rainbows, with a catch; you could pick the price you paid. This reaped dividends for the band, they became bigger than they ever had been and due to the publicity generated made them incredibly rich.

This trick has been repeated since by several artists, and now it has been interpreted by dubstep up-and-comers ID & Baobinga. Their 'Bass Music Sessions' LP is now available online, and you pick your price before paying via PayPal. Easy as!

The music itself has the feel of a Session LP, the lack of direction and system makes for an interesting mix, as each track has it's own individual agenda and properties. Tracks such as the pulsating Burial like 'Hither and Thither' and the Bassnectar styles of Raise Riddim are fantastic.

The LP's standout track is (in our humble opinion) definitely 'Hush Up Riddim'. The track uses a dubstep beat but uses West Coast synths to generate a brilliant piece of music. It is very similar to Joker's 'Untitled RSN', in the way that it certainly sounds like something you could imagine Dre coming out with. If he really is having problems creating Detox, he should ask these guys for advice.

AbandonSilence actually paid £7.99 for our copy because that's how much we usually pay for our digital LPs. You can pick your own price via the link below, and we definitely recommend that you do so.

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