Friday, 26 March 2010

Rusko v Youtube.

AbandonSilence and friends often joke about how Rusko has lost it. Mentally that is, though I do hear grumblings that he is losing his touch on the music front. With the use of three videos, AbandonSilence will prove to you A) he has lost it mentally B) he hasn't lost it musically AND C) You should never under rate him, especially live.

Firstly, we have the EXCLUSIVE! new Rusko single. Acting as the main pre-cursor to Rusko's forthcoming OMG LP, this track, titled 'Hold On', is quite different to what AbandonSilence had expected. We would'nt've been surprised to hear electro, we would've expected dubstep, but instead we have distinctly wobble free, beat free UKG vibes.
This track is going to be huge! Despite the non-existent response to Woo Boost, AbandonSilence predicts that this could be a crossover hit, and we think it will make the Top 40. ON A BOLD TING.
AbandonSilence couldn't track down an mp3 for this, but we will produce one as soon as we can, that's a promise!

Here we have the promo video for Woo Boost. AbandonSilence likes to see ourselves as a forward thinking blog, so we won't post the now ancient mp3, go buy it if you're incapable of finding one. In the video, loosely inspired by MIA, but on a rather shit level, we see Rusko draped in a Union Jack messing around with Green Screen. No doubting the tune, but the video. Eeer.

Finally... just as the haters sharpen their knives as the LP looms, AbandonSilence wants to take you back to Rusko's strongest attribute. His liveshow. No one can doubt that he is a brilliant live DJ, showcasing great crowd skills, fantastic set lists and great exclusives. This video comes from the same guy as the 'Dubstep in HD', featuring the classic Rusko drop of Blinded by the Lights into Badman Sound. Check it and scream!

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  1. Thats Badman Sound right there not Sweet Shop xD