Friday, 12 March 2010

Give me Some Signal!

Dub Police, the label founded by (amongst others) Caspa and Rusko, released a Scion Sampler compilation of artists at their label. The track listing is very impressive, including tracks from Emalkay, The Others, Orien and Trolley Snatcha.

The compilation is great carrion call for the label with some fantastic tracks, in particular cuts from Emalkay, Caspa and the laid back rhythms of Dubwoofa.

Dubwoofa's take on the now in demand 2step/dubstep style is intriguing, with stuttering drum loops being sprayed lavishly with sharp vocals and rises. Have this on the house, while you track down the compilation to buy from the usual suspects.

AbandonSilence apologises for the lack of posts recently, we've been incredibly busy. As well as writing for the magazine and spiralling Uni work, AbandonSilence is working on BIG plans, that hopefully will take AbandonSilence to the next level. More news as it is confirmed.

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