Wednesday, 10 March 2010


In 2008, The Bug released their only LP to date, London Zoo. That album was a fantastic export for UK urban music, the album was packed with proper grime/dubstep anthems. From Angry to Warning, London Zoo was bursting with urban wildlife.

Guest spots from Warrior Queen and Ricky Ranking added grime credibility to proceedings, as The Bug dropped heavy bass line after heavy bass line.

The highlight of the album, Skeng, is still one of AbandonSilence's favourite dubstep songs, the bass in that is just painful. (video below)

So, the reasons for this proclamation of Bug Love. AbandonSilence has come across a new song by The Bug featuring Skeng's contributing wordsmith, Flowdan. The track, titled Run, is incredibly similar to Skeng, with some dark lyrics contributed by Flowdan over a tumbling bassline, culminating in a fantastic combination of bass wobbles and exclamations of, "Run. Run. Run." Brilliant.

Apologies for the recent Youtube love in with this post and the previous Foals post, but this is important! If any readers wanted to know what grime and dubstep combine to create, watch this video. Imagine going round a corner late at night and walking into this lot

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