Thursday, 14 January 2010

Mad Decent vs Gucci Mane

Diplo has used his power as boss of fast-growing label Mad Decent to create a free mixtape of Gucci Mane remixes, called Free Gucci: Best of the Cold War Mixtapes.

Artists ranging from average at best (DZ, SALEM) to the truly genius (FlyLo, Zomby) appear to give Gucci's tracks an electronic jolt.

The competition for the mixtape's greatest contribution is a straight tie between remixes by Zomby and Flying Lotus.

Zomby is an artist that I rate very highly, "Where Were You in '92" was one of the best albums released in 2009. He will come under the AbandonSilence spotlight in a future post. His track features suppressed vocals partnered with trademark high hats and skittling synths. It really is an excellent creation that does seem out of place surrounded by these run-of-the-mill remixes.

Photo Shoot is a very average Flying Lotus track, but in this habitat, it stands out like a sore thumb.

I've actually met FlyLo on a particularly messy night, all I could muster was a stuttered "I loved Los Angeles mate, favourite album of the year," Then got the really embarassing picture below.

You can tell that this is a mixtape, however, as you get further along the tracklist. The final three tracks feature some rather patchwork sampling and some lyrical nightmares. "I'm The Shit" is a useful piece of evidence for anyone arguing why people in their right mind should give gangster hip-hop a very wide berth. Some terrible lyrics, the worst hookline, the worst chorus, "I'm the Shit bitch, I'm the Shit bitch, look at my bitch, damn." Yeah, that is the chorus.

Overall, this is an excellent publicity stunt, with some great tracks being created as a result. However, it is so blatant from the first listen that this is just a mixtape.

The album is available to download in it's entirety from the Mad Decent website, but if you just want the good stuff, take these on the house.

Boi (Zomby Mixtape) - Gucci Mane

Photo Shoot (Flying Lotus Remix) - Gucci Mane

Abandon Silence

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