Thursday, 14 January 2010

Artist Profile: Eskmo

As we approach a new decade, it is important to analyse which new artists and producers will be taking a stake of the limelight over the coming months and years.

Eskmo, aka Brendan Angelides, hails from San Francisco and is a glitch and dubstep producer.

Eskmo’s rise to musical peerdom has taken a very similar path to that of the UK’s most popular dubstep demon; Skream. Both have been producing for just over 10 years and have inexhaustibly spread their musical wings over many different genres and styles before both falling into dubstep.

Eskmo's most high profile releases, as with most electronic music producers, is his collection of remixes. A body of work including mixes for Radiohead, Bar9 and Gella have helped to raise Eskmo’s profile.

Though, to really see the man’s personal style, you must experience his own original works. He has released four EP’s to date, with each release garnering more and more recognition. His most recent release, the “Let Them Sing” EP, is a fantastic summation of all that is fantastic about this young producer.

On the title track, a childish keyboard intro leads skilfully via an auto-tuned vocal into a distorted rumbling tribal beat. Eskmo’s influences are instantly recognisable, you could easily see this track fitting comfortably in the surroundings of “Los Angeles” or “Butter.”

Other Eskmo tracks such as “Agnus Dei” contain ruthless Bass distortions that spitfire along the low ends until you are feeling numb. However, light and fluorescence is abundant throughout Eskmo’s output, with vocals, synths and tribal patterns used to add depth and colour to his music.

Eskmo is available at and iTunes. Below are a few tracks for your listening pleasure. AbandonSilence severely recommend that you check out this producer while he’s still fresh.

Eskmo - Let Them Sing

Eskmo - Agnus Dei

Bar 9 - Murda Sound (Bar9 remix)

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