Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Joker - City Hopper 12"

Bristolian Dubstep Icon Joker returns with the release of a new double A side, City Hopper/ Output 1-2.

City Hopper is another track to go alongside Digidesign, Grimey Princess and Purple City as Joker's best work. The steppin' drum beat is complemented by a trademark synth roll that is ridiculously infectious.

Output 1-2 is the Brother of an older Joker track, Zariak. For over a minute and a half the song seems to be going no where. A simple dubstep drumbeat is complemented by playfully spontaneous synths. Then from nowhere a subtly introduced extra synth rolls in, flitting in and out of the constant heavy bass synth-drumbeat to crescendo towards a the huge climax.

The songs on here are undoubtedly top quality, there is no doubting. Joker is one young producer to keep your eyes on, with rumours of an LP in the works, AbandonSilence predicts a very bright 2010 for this man.


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