Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Th Hngvr

Just been spending my morning recovering from a rather horrific hangover, so thought I'd take it down a few notches and give you lucky people a few new tunes designed for mornings like my current one...

Sbtrkt. No, it's not a typo, though he should really tell someone that some knob's robbed all his vowels. Anyway, this producer is crafting their own unique sound using old half-step, almost garage styles (a contradiction in terms, but stay with me). Their epic 7 minute remix of Goldie's Timeless has been on repeat for me throughout this painful morning.

The indispersed chopped vocal track recalls the works of the anonymous Burial for there sparse nature, and the drumtrack is also quite similar. However, Timeless is most unashamedly old school that this could've easily come out on an old garage dubplate in the late '90s, such is it's, ahem, Timeless nature.

Keeping it at 140bpm, Sbtrkt has created something that could be played at any time. The song is strikingly beautiful yet intimidatingly dark all at the same time, the vocal track gives extra dimensions to what is a quite simple but always evolving drum track.

I must send all my gratitude to Sbtrkt for helping to soothe my hellish headache ahead of a fun-filled day of lectures followed by a spontaneously planned but nevertheless sure-to-be-great trip into Wales later tonight.

(apologies for any made up words in this post, I really do have a horrible hangover and not really in the mood for spellchecking or dictionary searching.)

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